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    Buck Down

    Nice buck LB.
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    2021 Bear Hunt

    Nice bear. Congrats.
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    Bear Outfitter

    He is close to my camp. Seems like a good guy from what I have heard about him. I have ran into a few of his bait sites wondering around.
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    2021 Hunting Chat Youth Turkey Contest

    Congrats Duke!
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    2021 Big Turkey Contest

    One more day for Maine. Saturday is the last day. I got 1 bird I gotta post up. Im still feeding my other bird. Trying to fatten him up enough to win.
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    Two good days

    Nice Job!
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    The Ups and Downs of Youth Turkey

    Great stuff as usual Pete. Congrats to all.
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    Got my 2019 Nh 175# 9 pointer back!

    Looks good. Nice deer.
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    P&P Plaque

    I got the plaque from Mountain Hunter the other day and got my antler mount finished up. Took a few pics before it heads up to camp. Might as well show off the rest of my Maine deer while I'm at it. Make sure you all sign up for the contest so we can get a lot more entries next year.
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    Last year recap and changes

    Thanks for the report. Good looking pup.
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    2020 Maine Meat Pole

    11/7/20 6pt 177lbs 62 3/8 Gross antler score 239 3/8 P&P
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    Year end recap

    After getting four deer week one at camp our second week started out about as good as you could ask. My dad's cousin was up for his first trip this season on on his first morning out he got it done in about 45mins. He parked his truck and walked down a logging road about 50 yards. A deer blows...
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    Late Report (Nov)

    Nice report and pics.
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    Last year to this year antler growth. (pics)

    Nice bucks LB. Congrats to you and your son.

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