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    Let's see some of the deer you got on cam during the 2020 season.

    Acouple from this past fall..Date and time not correct.
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    Firearms permit

    Ok. I thought I read Non resident can’t buy ammo or gun there.
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    Firearms permit

    Was reading that Mass. residence have to have a FID permit to own/transport/buy ammo for a gun?Have to have a Hunter Ed class or training?Am I understanding this correctly?What about a non-resident just wanting to hunt there?
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    Three days of Flintlock/Archery left

    Walked into public acouple miles this morning and found lots of sign.Bumped acouple then later had three doe come by which I did not shoot at..Bumped three more later in the day.Saw 8 today which is not bad for last day on public.
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    Three days of Flintlock/Archery left

    Flintlock season can be a lot of fun with a group putting on drives if you like that. Think the deer herd on public is better up that way. Big woods up there. If you like to be alone you can get very alone also. Not a ton of deer around SGL I hunt but lots of deer on private near home.
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    Check your Garmin GPS

    I didn’t know this..Cold weather really draws my batteries and have to change then in the field.Just recalibrated my Garmin..
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    Three days of Flintlock/Archery left

    No deer seen today except the three jumping the road on way out at 5:30.One owl seen.Almost hit one.I talked to one geocacher that I bumped into along the trail.A few of these are hidden in the area I was in in.Found one a year ago myself.
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    Three days of Flintlock/Archery left

    Harrisburg area.
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    Three days of Flintlock/Archery left

    Off Friday ,Saturday and Monday the last day of late season .Just have to get motivated.Couldn't get the rear moving last Saturday due to disgust.Planning on where to try and go now.It is crap shoot unless I find some real good food sources in the mountains or try and still hunt.No fresh snow...
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    A little discussion for the still-hunters among us

    Awesome thread.I try to still hunt in Pa. mainly in this late flintlock season.It is tough for me to go slow and crunchy leaves and snow are tough anywhere.I shouled have seen three deer the other day that I walked by bedded..I should have scanned better with my binoculars..I also hunt in very...
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    Hunting tomorrow

    They hunt mainly on private posted property for the most part that is why they have tons of deer sightings.
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    Hunting tomorrow

    Was out yesterday and got skunked.Put in about 6.5 miles of walking and didn't bump anything I know of.They are skittish and it was crunchy in the woods.Didn't feel like heading out today.Had a buck in my sites the day after xmas but due to antler restrictions couldn't shoot.Just could not see...
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    What rifle will you be using this year?

    Now that it is 2021 and Pa. Flintlock season is still in I am using my T/C Renegade in .50 cal..with a PRB..

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