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  1. jranney12

    12/2 Buck

    So this has been a pretty slow season for me, just wasn't seeing as many deer in the woods as I usually do. I have had some good ones on camera but just couldn't find them in the woods until this morning. I headed ou early to sit in a new stand I set this year but hadn't hunted yet because it's...
  2. jranney12

    2017 New Hampshire Meat Pole

    158 10 point
  3. jranney12

    9-1-17 cam check

    Looks like a cat in picture 3, but the tail looks long for a bobcat.
  4. jranney12

    Opening day 10 Pt.

    I got out in the woods and up to my spot by 5:45, good moonlight to hike in. When I was within 50 yrds of where I wanted to set up I heard a dear in the oaks to my right, I stood there for 30 min. listening to it mill around, it grunted a few times so I knew it was a buck, but it sounded like it...
  5. jranney12

    Good sized coyote

    I had this big coyote come through my field this morning as I happened to be watching and got a good shot on him. He is the biggest I have taken, I haven't weighed him but he is easily over 60# that is my mastiff in the photo who is just over 100#
  6. jranney12

    Thanksgiving day Buck

    Not too long of a story, I had a great season, I passed on several small bucks along the way and missed one great buck late in Muzzle loader season. Thanksgiving morning I started out with a quick drive around my hunting area to see if I could pick up some fresh tracks crossing the roads. I had...
  7. jranney12

    Track question

    OK, so I work with a woman who says she has seen a mountain lion by her house before, her husband has backed it up and said he has seen it at a different time as well. We have been picking her mail up for her while she is on vacation, and Fri. I found this track in the snow. I am sure it is...
  8. jranney12

    2013 NH Meat Pole

    9 pointer 150# 11/13/13
  9. jranney12

    Nh opening day!

    This was shaping up to be a real tough year time wise for me to find time to get into the woods. Wednesday was only the second time I have been able to get out this year and the whole time I sat there feeling guilty about the work I wasn't doing! I had worked up a ridge to the spot I was going...
  10. jranney12

    New July Pic

    I only had one last week, but I'll take it!
  11. jranney12

    What happened?

    I was out hunting this morning, and on my way out I found this nice buck dead. No hole, white froth all over his face. Any ideas on what happened?

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