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  1. NH Mountains

    Moose Lottery

    Got you by 1. I’ve got 16 points
  2. NH Mountains

    Just got back from Ohio

    I figured the little guy would’ve found a way to sneak into your truck for the trip out there.
  3. NH Mountains

    Just got back from Ohio

    Awesome trip Pete. Ethan will remember that for the rest of his life. How Duke take it being left at home?
  4. NH Mountains

    What would you do different?

    One thing most of us do is take our health for granted. I know I have in the past and had some health issues the past couple years. I now go by the saying that “every day is a blessing. Just some days are better than others. “ Stay positive and safe in 2020.
  5. NH Mountains

    What would you do different?

    One thing most of us do is take our health for granted. I know I have and it’s csugh up to me the past couple years. I hope 2020 is a much better year for you Keith and that you get some of your hearing back with an implant. My boss has one and does well.
  6. NH Mountains


    I think that’s so they can check for baiting as Vermont doesn’t allow any baiting.
  7. NH Mountains


    The Vermont deer I referred to this year had lots of blood left in it too. Enough that when I went to cut out the liver for him that I didn’t want it spilling in my driveway. Luckily he had it sitting in a jet sled. So when you break open that lung cavity a lot of blood is in there. I’d say...
  8. NH Mountains


    This question is more for the Vermont hunters. I don’t see the organs left in NH but, I do see and hear about it being done in Vermont. I know 40 years ago my father left the heart and liver in his Vermont deer. Back then it was common in Vermont.
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    I love heart and liver so they come out warm and into a plastic ziplock. The weigh station we bring them to always ask if it’s clean inside before they hoist it up.
  10. NH Mountains


    No offense meant but, do you clean out the lungs, heart , liver before you take your deer in to be weighed? I ask because a friend of my brother’s shot a deer in Vermont this year. Brought it to our camp to show us. It still had all of the organs left in it with a gallon of blood pooled...
  11. NH Mountains

    Prayers for Russellbro family

    All of you Russell’s are in my thoughts. Hoping for a full recovery for Jase. Be strong. Think positive.
  12. NH Mountains

    Muck Boots Cheap

    I usually by a pair of back up boots each year. I purchased a pair of new Lacrosse boots last November. Never wore them until this November. The first day I hunted in them I was walking out of the woods and stepped in a small stream. Felt the cold rush of ice water on my right foot. I got back...
  13. NH Mountains

    My 2019 Buck

    Congrats on a very nice buck. Way to hang in there. What did he weigh?
  14. NH Mountains

    Colorado Elk hunt

    Congrats Nate. Great job!!
  15. NH Mountains

    Blaze orange

    It’s been 8 years since we lost Ben Birch to a tragic hunting accident in Vermont. I believe he was wearing his dull blaze orange hat. I don’t believe he was wearing a blaze orange vest. I can’t help but, think he’d still be with us if he had worn an orange vest. I know must of us think we...
  16. NH Mountains

    Update time

    Yeah so he’d probably been in the 170s early on. Good job Pete.
  17. NH Mountains


    Congrats Willy. Time flies. It seems like yesterday that you took Buddy on his first hunt.
  18. NH Mountains

    Update time

    Congrats Pete. Persistence pays off bud. Was there much fat on him or was he run down pretty good?
  19. NH Mountains

    We're a dying breed.......

    The iPhone has a lot gps and mapping stuff but, most people don’t know how to use it or don’t know it’s available on their phones. Don’t help you if your battery dies or you can’t get a signal though.
  20. NH Mountains

    Do you use game cart to haul your deer?

    The new software has “Like” buttons. People should be using those instead of the “+1” replies.