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  1. theperfecthunt

    Puppy wanted

    I'm looking for a puppy either golden retriever or lab. Don't really need to be super pedigree just want a family dog. Anyone know of any puppies available in NH any help would be greatly appreciated. Would also consider any of the smaller breeds
  2. theperfecthunt

    2015 season

    Haven't been on in a while hope everyone is having a good year. Bought a new house so between that, turning the old house into a rental and work I've been crazy busy. not the best year hunting I've had, no nuts at all in any of the spots I hunt. saw lots of doe and skippers an one little 4 point...
  3. theperfecthunt

    State Forrest

    Went for a walk in one of the small state forrests near my house today. Now I remember why I don't hunt them, found 9 stands everything from plastic chairs to ladder stands. One stand still had a saw hanging on the tree and a full piss bottle. But what I found most disturbing was the number of...
  4. theperfecthunt

    new PSE bow madness 32

    this pic is a little better
  5. theperfecthunt

    new PSE bow madness 32

    got my new bow. I've been hunting with a bow madness xs for the past 3 years, the 32 is a bit longer and a shorter brace height but i really like it. love the new hybrid cam system
  6. theperfecthunt

    funny stuff that happened while you were hunting

    How about some funny stories that happened while you were hunting. Two years ago while I was bow hunting way up on the side of a mountain, I heard something coming. Its a woman she walking along picking up colored leaves and sticks, she stopped about 35 yards in front of me and pulls out some...
  7. theperfecthunt

    Tattle Tail

    Saw this on a show the other day. what do you think good idea or dangerous, maybe during bow season. I personally wouldn't during gun season to many crazies out there
  8. theperfecthunt

    Foods you avoid during hunting season

    Everyone has their favorite hunting foods, but what foods do you avoid during hunting season. My wife is Korean so we eat a lot of Korean food, but I try to avoid it during hunting season she uses a lot of garlic, treats it like a vegetable more than a seasoning. Lots of red pepper, comes in...
  9. theperfecthunt

    euro wall bracket

    anyone try one of these yet, looks good, a little pricey
  10. theperfecthunt

    hunting out of state

    I'm thinking of doing 2 out of state hunts this year. I live in NH and have been hunting NH and Vermont. haven't been real impressed with Vermont the last few years and the property that I've been hunting is being sold. I don't get a lot of free time between family and work so I can not travel...
  11. theperfecthunt

    169 lbs 4 pointer

    yesterday didn't start like I would have likes, got to my stand good and early and about 5 min. after shooting light some guy comes along and climbs a tree 40 yards from me. not only is he between me and where the deer would be coming from he made a ton of noise coming in and he walked down the...
  12. theperfecthunt


    Both the deer I've shot this year didn't have many ticks but both were loaded with keds. Never seen so many on deer before definitely been increasing in numbers over the last few years. Anyone else seeing an increase or is it just the area I hunt.
  13. theperfecthunt

    146 lb 8 point

    got to the spot I was going to hunt about 1 hour before first light, went to this spot on Saturday about 1/2 hour before light and the deer where already there. as I was climbing the tree I could hear the deer coming and had to stop climbing twice as deer moved passed me. pulled my bow up and...
  14. theperfecthunt

    123 lb spike horn

    I was trying to hold out for something a little bigger. this is the 4th spike horn to walk under my stand and I couldn't resist any more and it felt good to let a arrow fly. now that I've got one in the freezer hopefully I will be able to wait to put my other bow tag on a bigger one. the arrow...
  15. theperfecthunt

    Rainy day fun

    not many birds this year where I hunt, walked about 3 miles sat and not even 1 gobble. found a spot about a mile from rd up on a beech knoll where turkeys had been feeding so I went straight there this morning. at 7:45 I heard my first gobble it took 45 min more for him to work his way to me...
  16. theperfecthunt

    7 pointer on the first morning

    what a difference 2 days make, on thursday i hung my stand and there wasn't much sign. got to my stand good and early and as it got light and i looked around the woods were tore up. had some does come though early at about 9:30 i gave the bleet can a try on the second bleet I heard him...
  17. theperfecthunt

    new guy from NH

    Hi my name is scott I enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, playing wiht my kids. I found this site by accident and really liked the content, looking forward to chatting wth everyone