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  1. Mikejd

    ADK bucks age

    I Just got the results from Deer for the Buck I shot in the ADK this past November. They use the Cemmentum Annuli tooth aging. I had to send them the 2 front incisors from his jaw lower jaw. The Bucks age was 7 1/2. Not bad I had guessed 61/2.
  2. Mikejd

    whole front shoulder

    Tried something new with front shoulder. This is where I got the idea. Family loved it. I am having trouble getting my pic to upload.
  3. Mikejd

    Personal best ADK buck

    Got my best ADK buck on 11/17 Only dressed 160lb. But great buck nonetheless.
  4. Mikejd

    For you Moxie guys.

    I was down in southern ME for the 4th. Drove past this sign. Thought some of you addicts may be interested. I still have never had the stuff. Not easy to find.
  5. Mikejd

    Deer camp.

    Just came across this video. I know its from the UP but im sure many could relate. I know it reminded me of my camp.
  6. Mikejd

    Stormy Kromer PI sale.

    Take 31.4% off your Stormy Purchase today only.
  7. Mikejd

    Brush Gun. Thought this was an interesting video. I have been wanting to do something similar for a while.
  8. Mikejd

    6 year old sons first sit with me.

    Had my 6 year old son sit with me for his first ever real sit. We have wandered around the ADK with the rifle a little last season but this would be his first real sit. On Monday morning Columbus day my first day off in a while. We hung the stand together 2 weeks ago. So he thinks it's his...
  9. Mikejd

    ADK muzzy opener this Saturday.

    NY northern zone muzzle loader season this weekend. Anyone going to be out. I'm heading to camp for 3 days. Looks like a good crew of guys heading with me. Always a popular weekend. Guys chopping at the bit to get out for the first time.
  10. Mikejd

    Benoit beagle jacket on Ebay.

    Just a heads up if anyone is interested. There is a Benoit Beagle jacket in 3x on ebay. I believe they are asking 125$ wich is a steal. If this was my size I'd jump on it.
  11. Mikejd

    Randy Flannery

    I went to a Randy Flannery seminar tonight. Tracking and stalking whitetails. He was at a show in NY. What a great guy and a bundle of knowledge. I wish the seminar was 3 hrs long. We spent some time chatting afterwards. He told me to shoot him a link for this site. So maybe we can get him on...
  12. Mikejd

    Very interesting Trail cams

    Just took this from another site. Very interesting trail cams. 5 year warranty and 50% warranty from theft. Cant beat that.
  13. Mikejd

    sent this to wife! no reponse.

    As the title says. I sent this to my wife but got no response. I'm sure you guys will appreciate.
  14. Mikejd

    Trump meets the Honeymooners
  15. Mikejd

    Winter coyote advice.

    Me and about 6 of my hunting buddies head up to our ADK camp every February for a coyote hunting trip. Usually very deep snow. Not sure how much we will have this year. Our camp is about 1/2 mile back so we have to pack our gear in on snow shoes. It's always a good trip just getting back out...
  16. Mikejd

    Filson Sale Winter sale 50% off select items. Some pretty nice deals if they have your sizes.
  17. Mikejd

    H.R 4269 assault weopons ban 2015/2016 WH PETITION

    Found this floating around- There is now a White House Petition activated to stop the above bill (HR 4269) - The Assault Weapons ban of 2015/2016.* It needs 100,000 signatures by 01/16/2016. It has only 5849 as of this writing. Passing it along so all can sign. Please pass this onto other 2A...