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    Support for Josh's Boy Jase

    Hey Everyone, My wife and I set up this page to help out Josh and his wife Danielle financially as Jase's medical bills are piling up and his Danielle (you've seen her on many successful moose "hunts" in the past) had to stop working so they've lost her income which is causing more challenges...
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    Unused beagle pants 32x32

    For anyone here, $200 shipped to your door.
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    Prayers for Russellbro family

    I wanted to ask our friends here for some thoughts and prayers for Josh's son Jase. Josh (Russellbro) has been in Children's Hospital in Boston for 2 weeks straight never leaving the side of his son who has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer. Jase is 3 years old and fighting something...
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    Russell Brothers Book

    We've received a lot of encouragement from many on this site over the years to put a book together... and we're please to share we finally have! Josh and I joined forces this year to write Woodstoves and Wool which can be found on Amazon with a search of "Maine Deer hunting". Best part is that...
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    Russell Report 2018

    JEFF Preseason Fitness was a priority for me during the offseason. I finished my MBA back in May- had been going to class at night for several years and was really excited to finish- with the extra time in the evenings, I began to run with November’s tracking demand on my mind. And I ran a...
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    Russell Report 2017

    The 2017 preseason had some notables that included our best day of shed hunting ever, a couple successful moose hunts with Josh working the call, and a new "bunk house" at camp. Dad can swing a framing hammer with the best of them and as a newly retired 64 year old the guy was unstoppable...
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    I know by law I'm not supposed to go hunting in Mass until the Maine Russell Report has been posted but I couldn't resist the urge with the hours in the 2017 season waning. I'd found some deer 3 weeks ago but didn't get a chance to hunt them until Friday afternoon. I didn't get into my climber...
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    We had a fun hunt that started slow and ended with a nice buck tracked down and taken Thanksgiving afternoon. The full report will take a long time to post up... not this week and prob not next. Lots to write up and organize, haven't figured out the pic hosting thing yet and work is crazy...
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    Russell Report 2016

    Josh is at this moment in the hospital with his beautiful newborn baby boy. His name is Jase and he's friggen cute as they come. I asked Josh if he needed anything and his reply was "The Russell Report"... so here goes. Thursday Nov 10th 2016 has been an exciting albeit unusual year for the...
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    Who heats with propane?

    Looking for some recommendation for an install of a tank at a new home under construction... what provider to go with, if I should own my own tank, and any issues with the tank being underground, etc.Tell me about your experience with propane, please.Thanks
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    HVAC Southeast Mass

    Does anyone have an HVAC company in southeast mass that they would recommend highly? Need one for a residential new construction Thanks, Jeff
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    Russell Report 2015

    Another wonderful November! Here's how it played out for the Russell camp! Friday November 13 JEFF I couldn't get out of the city fast enough however didn't pull into camp until late Friday of the second week. I slipped into the bunk room where Josh Dad and Uncle Gary where dreaming of the...
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    Quick Vid of Last Year Buck
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    Russell Report 2014

    We had so much fun this year!! I love the Maine woods and spending time at camp with Dad, Josh, and Uncle Gary... let Josh and me tell ya all about it! Friday 11/14/14 What on paper was a favorable change at work for me caused me to travel a ton this year all across the country. I hate to...
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    Will get the full report up late next week... Couple Russell's still going at it.
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    I am

    So friggen excited for the 3rd and 4th week of November it ain't funny! Someone please put me on a track already!
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    Russell Report 2013

    Tuesday, November 19th. Couldn't get out of the Hancock tower until 6Pm; We pulled into camp shortly before midnight and the ol’man emerged from the fart sack and got us all fired up… He had a couple day head start on us and had already seen quite a few deer including a spike at 20 paces and...
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    I was upset that I couldn't make it up to NH for the annual muzzy trip with Josh and wasn't too eager to get out back home without him. Slept in this am and got some gear organized for our Maine trip while hanging out with my little guy. Decided I go out for the last couple hours and got in the...
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    Been in Fort Worth TX on business for the last several days and had been dying to get out. Left the top of the Hancock tower at 3:30 on Friday afternoon, on stand and settled by 5. 45mins latter I heard several deer making there way out to a green field I'm hunting over. I could see them...