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    2019 NH Harvest Report
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    2019 Maine Deer Harvest Report
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    What do you drink after hunting?

    When at deer camp in Maine, Bud lights and Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey, lots of both!!!! Go to bed late almost every night, between 9-10 and get up early every morning at 4!!!! My hunting partner who is my best friend likes to drink Budweiser, other than that the rest is the same!!!!
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    Software update...... not a fan

    That ranks in the top 10 of best compliments I have ever received!!!! Might be higher if 'Can't remember shit' wasn't a prevailing factor!!!!
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    Software update...... not a fan

    Sarcasm???? What sarcasm???? Actually I didn't miss it Shawn, just didn't want my reaction score to go any lower by commenting!!!! I bet you didn't miss my sarcasm????
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    Software update...... not a fan

    I'm going John Wayne on you Mark!!!! "That'll be the day pilgrim!!!!"🤠 Bet you didn't know John Wayne always used four exclamation points as well!!!!;)
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    Just got back from Ohio

    That's what I thought Gary, just wanted to know for sure!!!! Thanks!!!!
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    What a weekend!**EDITED**

    A belated congrats to you on a fine deer Benny!!!! More importantly in the present time, CONGRATULATIONS, on winning the NH P&P Contest!!!!
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    Software update...... not a fan

    Shawn, we go through this update BS all the time at work!!!! I understand the need to update to a point, however what the technonerds don't understand is that I didn't grow up with this stuff and my learning curve is way different than theirs. What may come natural to them is a pain in the ass...
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    Just got back from Ohio

    Sounds like a great time Pete!!!! When you get your hunting license in Ohio does that come with a deer tag or is it just the right to hunt and you have to buy the either sex permits as well to tag a deer????
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    Forum Software Upgrade

    CHANGE SUCKS!!!! Just saying!!!!:cool:
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    Software update...... not a fan

    Too much bullshit to do when just want to post a hunting pic!!!! I'm fucking done relearning how to do shit just cause some friggin computer nerd thinks shit will get better if he changes shit or needs to change BS for job security!!!!
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    WMU K Buck

    This years 2019 buck(127LB 8PTER) was taken about .19 miles from this buck. Story and pics(I hope) to come!!!! And thanks Roger!!!!
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    Woodman arms muzzleloader

    Two of them just went to the top in the NH Forum each with a quote from someone special!!!! I might squeeze in the other three which I haven't written up but are a 2015 85LB doe, a 2016 100LB doe and a 2019 127LB 8PTER!!!!
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    WMU K Buck

    TTT for Matt!!!!
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    2018 Hollis Hooligan

    TTT for Matt!!!!
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    Prayers for Russellbro family

    My thoughts and prayers for Jase and the Russell Family!!!!
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    Woodman arms muzzleloader

    Same here, picked one up five years ago and have shot five deer with it all one shot stillhunting kills!!!! Using two 50gr pellets of White Hots, Powerbelt 295gr HP bullets lit up by Winchester 777 209 primers topped with a Leupold VXI 2X7. Shoots and cleans awesome all for $468 from KTP.
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    New Scope

    VXI 2X7 on my muzzleloaders(MDM Buckwacka and CVA Accura Mt Hunter) for about 13 years and a VXII 2X7 on my 7600 for about 9 years, won't be changing either anytime soon. Had a VXIII 1.5X5 on the 7600 for a few years before the VXII but just needed the 7 power for times when I was in cuts...
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    Malicious attacks abound now according to Norton on this site!!!! For all you couldn't post but want to, congrats!!!! For me I don't think I want to even come to this site anymore with all the BS for super upgrade status it has to offer!!!! Maybe it is not the new software that is the common...