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    Full Story (13 point/bear)

    Thread deleted
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    13-14 points......survived black bear attempted attack

    Short story but i will post the full story later; I'm still in shock. I got this one last night around 415pm. When we went back to get it in the dark a black bear charged us, not once but twice. He did get some meat but I got the deer!
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    An Under 5 second, 6 point Saturday

    It sure is nice when it all comes together perfectly; Up at 430am, shower, tea, brush the choppers and sneak in mytree silently and well before daylight. Boy what a perfectly silent morning....thatis until the owls start hooting. One in front and one in back, amazing surroundsound! Then the...
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    2012 Mass Meat Pole

    8pt 167# 11-15
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    Finally scored

    Had a very tough bow season as far as shooting opportunities go (no doe permit, argh!) and I finally got my first shot at a deer (actually 2 deer) on the last day of shotgun. Two bucks came running up a ridge and this 8 pt was the second one, he stopped at 70-80 yards and let me squeeze one off...
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    2010 Vaca?

    If you had to choose between the first week of Nov or the week of Thanksgiving what would you pick? Unfortunately these are my only options this year due to scheduling. The rut is supposed to be a late one so I was leaning towards Thanksgiving week but then again hunting always seems to jump...
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    Illinois archery hunt?

    I'm looking for any and all info on an reasonable archery hunt in Illinois....would prefer Pike County. I'm not looking for a fully guided hold my hand type of hunt. Would prefer to be hands on including cooking our own meals. Thanks
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    Sat weather

    It seems like every Sat during bow season the weather happens to be the worst of the week. I have a week off in Nov. but man all I want is nice CALM 1st day in the woods. I don't mind the rain but the wind WTF! :mad: Corporate decision; leaving work at 3 to get in a few hours of peace...
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    Extended weather

    My first post but not the last; The extended weather looks good for the rest of the week and into November. I'm off all week next week and have been pissed about the weather so far but it looks to finally be getting colder. The rut was supposed to be a little early this year (acording to moon...