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  1. groundtender

    Son finally got his mount back...

    Yikes! A beauty
  2. groundtender

    Thompson no more

    Spectrum dropped the Outdoor Channel from package over a year ago, don’t miss it at all. Honestly l think most of the stars would starve to death if they had to hunt themselves in the Northeastern big woods.
  3. groundtender

    Thompson no more

    Too bad, every TC product I have ever seen has been a solid and good looking gun. Now I really wish I had never sold my lefty .50 cal TC Renegade.
  4. groundtender

    Thank You

    Good follow up JDK, but I am having a hard time realizing that we are fraternizing with a trespasser 😂
  5. groundtender

    Don’t Buy Marlin Rifles Made By Remington & Don’t Ship Through Fedex

    Article in the most recent “American Hunter” says Ruger will start production of their Marlin line pretty soon.
  6. groundtender

    Ammo Shortage

    I drove through the Masardis mill yesterday. I have never ever seen so much sawn lumber there before. By a long stretch. Tons of it stacked everywhere. Makes you wonder.
  7. groundtender


    Has anyone here had experience (good or bad) with a deer outfit in Ohio? Gun season. Guiding, meals, lodging included. Thank you
  8. groundtender

    Happy Sunday from pa

    Re: “too big a file”. Like the old saying: “I don’t know how much it weighed, but the snapshot weighed 10 pounds”. Adjust weight according to species!
  9. groundtender


    Amazing. I hope to get up that way soon for a few days before I get so busy here I meet myself coming and going. Thank you
  10. groundtender


    JDK - Any snow in the woods? My wife and I went to VT for a few days last week. Basically no snow anywhere except the dark shady areas, and very little there.
  11. groundtender

    2021 moose lottery

    125 qualifying DHHS approved lodges. 62 of those tags were available this year
  12. groundtender

    Hunting E- bikes

    I have used a Quiet Cat. Nice on trails that are smooth, and on older graveled two tracks. But Mowbizz, I wouldn’t worry about your 71 year old hips and back nearly as much as I would your 71 y.o. ass! The one I used had an optional wide and padded seat. My ass**** was killing me for several...
  13. groundtender

    Maine Lead Ammo Ban Not surr if I did it correctly, or how! But that page should lead you to a lot of info about upcoming bills and Committee hearings. About the only thing I cannot find is how individual Committee members voted on whether or not a bill should die. So far...
  14. groundtender

    Maine Lead Ammo Ban

    Search : Search: Maine Legislature. Scroll around the website for stuff like Committee Info. It’s not too hard to submit written testimony online, and/or present live oral testimony at the public hearing via Zoom. If an old fool like me can do it, you can
  15. groundtender

    Maine Lead Ammo Ban

    Another progressive idea that if passed will hurt average Americans the most. Instead of being able to buy reasonably priced and effective ammo like CoreLoks, we’ll be forced into the $50.00 boxes of non-lead bullets. Just one reason to oppose this.
  16. groundtender

    Maine Lead Ammo Ban

    Another friggin’ moonbat. Love to watch that hearing, but we’ll be on the road
  17. groundtender

    New arrival

    Welcome. You will enjoy the site, I am sure.
  18. groundtender

    7600 Makeover

    Excellent job. I love the Cerakote. I had similar job done on my Model 88, with matte bluing, re-finished stock, and Decelerator pad years ago. Pre-cerakote.
  19. groundtender

    The Shot

    Gee Mowbizz, Glad she’s feeling better. But why didn’t you make her go back to work?😂
  20. groundtender

    Craigslist clip

    . Just saw this on Maine Craiglist. “All for Sale” section. Don’t know if this works for anyone here

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