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    early fall food plots?

    In the midst of the Pandemic, my wife and I decided to move back to the Champlain Valley where she grew up. We bought a house on 25 acres about half of which is low (wet) woods, about a dozen apple trees, and unmowed fields. It abuts a lot of farms and there is connected woods across...
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    What went wrong (scent, call, stop rattling)?

    I went out for my last sit in my sub-urban, permit, bow-hunting only local woods. I was sitting in the tree 20 mins before shooting light, nice and calm before the weather. Rattled in a 4pt (rattling in small bucks works pretty well for me all season) around 7a, and I immediately started...
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    my buck

    Here is a big bodied 6 pter I got Thursday morning. I had to shoot him twice, which is a long story, maybe I'll post it. Had backstraps Sunday night with my friend who was visiting from Montana, who had "never had whitetail before".
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    Big Cats for deer population control?

    "No way we'll let bow hunters in parks and conservation land, but let's go ahead and release some Mountain Lions to hunt and kill the deer. No way will they realize that pets, livestock, and children are easier to catch"...
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    Camera Refurb?

    I have a couple of Wildgame Innovations cameras that are not working. Anyone want them to see if they can refurb them? They are really cheap ($60 - $80), so probably not worth it. Shame to throw them away though.
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    ...on to 2016

    2015 was a great year to be outside, and blessed to have some meat in the freezer. In addition to my normal New England hunting and fishing adventures, and family vacations to Maine and Montana, I have two trips of a lifetime planned in one year: Feb. - Southern Chilean Patagonia fishing for...
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    Boys are still at it

    I was surprised to see this. Firmly nocturnal, but I'm going to rattle like heck in the morning and see if I can call a buck in.
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    How to catch them during shooting hours?

    The answer may just be to wait a couple weeks... But I put some of Wild Bill's scrape juice and the licking branch gel in this guys scrape, and he's coming back to it. 45 minutes after shooting. Should I: 1) put a climber nearby and see if he comes during shooting light 2) figure out where...
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    Any tips on a totally unprepared hunt in Plymouth/Bridgewater area?

    Turns out I'll be up to the cabin on Saturday evening/Sunday morning. I don't expect to see any deer at the cabin, although there are some there. I haven't scouted up there at all this year, and didn't get a chance to put in the food plot. But I could blindly throw up a stand somewhere else...
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    Camera checking ahead of opening day?

    I've got a bunch of cameras out, some on my stands, some nearby, some far from stands, in spots I might hunt if my stands aren't productive. Can I check them all 2 days before opening day? Just the ones that are far away? or should I stay out of the woods altogether right now?
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    Fisher Cats

    The second one is lower left frame. This is under by tree stand.
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    Coyote from the deer stand?

    Have some coyotes on camera (mostly at night, of course). But has anyone ever been presented with a coyote during archery season from a deer stand? Did you shoot it?
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    How old is this deer?

    Here is video and a still (handsome animal). I think round eyes, narrow rack, thin chest, he's young (1.5 years)? I'd like to see him grow.
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    Scouting after Heavy Rain?

    How is the several inches of rain (MetroWest) going to affect the deer? Any scouting tips after a heavy rain (preceded by several weeks of drought)?
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    He was probably watching me as I put up my stand this morning.
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    SD Cards at Walgreens

    Ive been able to amass a collection of SD cards for trail cams, mostly from sales at Walgreens. Today, I got 6 micro SD with Adapters (so they go in trail cams and the tbe small card can go in phone or tablet) for $43 ($160 value). Check it out if you have one nearby.
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    Is this deer sick, old, or both?

    She seems pretty skinny, mangy, and gray.
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    New Camera with a secret weapon... can email pictures, like the one below. With a pre-paid AT&T text message sim card. This one was emailed, I expect the images on the SD card to be much...
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    My buck is teasing me

    9ptr? 9 weeks is a loooooong time from now.
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    How many points?

    Don't have much experience sizing a rack as it's growing. Any thoughts? It's a zoom, my timestamp isn't that big!

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