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    No offense meant but, do you clean out the lungs, heart , liver before you take your deer in to be weighed? I ask because a friend of my brother’s shot a deer in Vermont this year. Brought it to our camp to show us. It still had all of the organs left in it with a gallon of blood pooled...
  2. NH Mountains

    Waiting Period For Firearms and Ammunition

    What’s your thoughts on the new RSA proposal for a 7 day waiting period? I read it that if you hold a valid hunting license you’re exempt to be able to purchase the firearm but, the 7 day waiting period would still apply for ammunition???
  3. NH Mountains

    House Bill 282

    It looks like this could have a major impact on Fish and Game to protect our wildlife from suspected lawbreakers.
  4. NH Mountains

    Merry Christmas!!

    Merry Christmas everyone. Have fun and be safe!!
  5. NH Mountains

    UP a River

    Over 100 hunting/recreational camps in the Ottawa National Forest in Michigan's Upper Peninsula have to be removed or destroyed by January 1, 2017. ?UP a River? is a cultural documentary about the people who built decades of traditions around these camps. Laughs are shared, tears are shed and...
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    Fishing Drone

    Who here will buy one? Should they be outlawed for fishing?
  7. NH Mountains

    QDMA Event in Fairlee March 6

    Date Sunday, March 6, 2016 Time 12 noon Location Fairlee Town Hall 75 Town Common Rd. (Main St. or Route 5) Fairlee, VT 05045 Sincerely, Mike Edwards QDMA Regional Director Region One 585-813-2021
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    2 PA Teens Shot By Hunter Near School TAMAQUA, Pa. -- Authorities say two teenagers were shot in eastern Pennsylvania by a man who says his rifle accidentally discharged while he was unloading it. The state Game Commission says the bullet...
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    Corbin Park History

    Here's a good read on Corbin Park’s-“animal-garden”/
  10. NH Mountains

    RIP. Louis Zamperini

    A true American hero. If you haven't read the book Unbroken, you should. It will give you a whole new perspective on life.
  11. NH Mountains

    Cow and Calf

    How old is this little one?
  12. NH Mountains

    Swingset Moose
  13. NH Mountains

    NH Apples This Fall

    I checked some trees in Cheshire County tonight. Few if any apples. I also spoke to a person familiar with one of the major orchards and they had an 80% loss. Late frosts at the wrong time got them. The trees I've checked in Grafton County are loaded with good crops. What's everybody else...
  14. NH Mountains

    Apple Grafting

  15. NH Mountains

    What Is It?

    My brother found this jaw bone today. It's solid with some flesh still. The side teeth are spaced apart. The front teeth were loose. I looked at moose, coyote, deer, bear and this isn't close. If you look the rear teeth are higher than the next set then they space apart. He said a its about 10"...
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    The woodcock are back in Grafton County. Heard them call several times this morning and my brother had two fly up in his face yesterday. No photos though. Amazing that a foot of snow melted in one week.
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    Pair of Eagles in NH

    Saw these two eagles tonight on Route 12 in Walpole tonight. The one on the ground had a mouse and stood out so I turned around and went back. The one on the ground flew up towards the trees. Sorry for the poor photo quality. The other one stayed in the tree. Kind of nice seeing a pair together...
  18. NH Mountains

    Any Doubt Who'd Win?

    A coyote running on top the crust or a deer up to their belly in the snow? We need a major thaw.

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