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  1. Mountain Hunter

    Unforgettable Hunt

    This season my goal was to take a buck while tracking. I traveled to NH and Maine in hopes of achieving my goal, but it just didn't pan out due to poor weather. When Muzzleloader started, I found my self in the Green Mountain National Forest. I had never hunted this area, but they had good snow...
  2. Mountain Hunter

    How is everyone doing?

    I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing with all the madness going on. We have been fortunate so far. All our immediate family has been healthy. My wife is working from home. I am laid off, but my employer is still paying me. Home schooling three kids has been the hardest part...
  3. Mountain Hunter

    So, how do you feel about next season's changes?

    Has anyone seen exactly what the season dates will be next year? Youth in October? Early Muzzleloader for doe? I'm excited for some change in VT, even if it takes a few season's of eating a tag before we get some nicer bucks running around.
  4. Mountain Hunter

    2019 Maine Trip

    I left for Maine on Friday, November 22nd. We had a scheduling conflict with our normal cabin that we rent, so we drove further north and stayed at the Moose River Lodge in Jackman. This would allow us to hunt Jackman on Saturday. After that, we could move into our cabin on Sunday. Saturday...
  5. Mountain Hunter

    Cool Experience

    My 7 year old son, Wyatt has been asking me if he could come deer hunting with me for weeks now. Today, I got home from work at 3:00. The snow was soft and with this storm coming in, I wanted to go out. I asked the boy if he wanted to go, and of course he said yes. We drove down the road to a...
  6. Mountain Hunter

    Monte Carlo Stock

    Can you still use a peep sight on a 7600 with a Monte Carlo stock? Or is the shotgun stock better?
  7. Mountain Hunter

    Finding a barrel

    I've got a buddy with a 760 30-06 with a full length barrel. He wants to make it a carbine, but he doesn't want to have the original barrel cut down. He would like to find a carbine barrel for it. Anyone know where he could purchase one? Personally, I'd sell the 760 and buy a carbine model if...
  8. Mountain Hunter

    The 300 Pound Buck

    In case some of you haven't heard about it. Here is the story:
  9. Mountain Hunter

    Tangled Bucks

    This summer, I saw a nice 8 pointer just down the road from my house. Recently, someone who lives down the road had a dog that kept getting sick. The dog would puke up blood. They took the dog to the vet and the Vet told them that time was almost up for the dog. Later on, they had let the dog...
  10. Mountain Hunter

    Screwy ML Season

    I had a pretty lousy muzzle loader season. I couldn't get any time off from work. It was a 4 day season full of opportunity that was lost due to stupid mistakes. Here is how it played out. The Friday night before the season we jumped in my side by side at camp and drove around all the log...
  11. Mountain Hunter

    Maine Trip 2018

    I arrived at camp on 11/15 this year. I got settled in and went to bed early in anticipation for Friday's hunt. Friday: Friday morning it was snowing pretty hard. I decided to drive to the end of a 2 mile dead end log road. I didn't cut any fresh tracks along the way so I parked at the end of...
  12. Mountain Hunter

    Good Luck!

    Good Luck out there guys! I'll be looking forward to some success stories next week!
  13. Mountain Hunter

    NH Giant

    I saw this on FB this morning. It was reported in Drewsville, NH. 189 pounds. What a stud!
  14. Mountain Hunter

    20 Years

    This morning I had to look up my hunters safety certificate to purchase an out of state hunting license. According to the state of Vermont, I completed my Hunter Education on this date 20 years ago. This has called for a little reflection on my hunting career thus far. I still remember taking...
  15. Mountain Hunter

    Nice Buck

    Yesterday I was looking at google earth for areas to hunt around my house. Last year was the first year I hunted around the house and I saw quite a few deer. I noticed yesterday that there is a beautiful ravine down the road that just jumped out as a natural funnel. I have seen deer crossing the...
  16. Mountain Hunter

    Setting Cams

    Saturday I ventured up to camp to setup 5 of my cameras. I headed to the area of my tree stand first. I have shot quite a few deer out of this stand. I was pretty surprised when I got within eye sight of the stand and a doe and a fawn stood up and took off. I was glad to see deer in the area. I...
  17. Mountain Hunter

    2018 Antlerless Permit Proposal and Meetings There will be meetings held on May 8th in Rutland and May 10th in South Burlington for those looking to voice their opinions about the proposal.
  18. Mountain Hunter

    Deer Sightings

    I've been making the same 45 minute commute for work through Addison County for the past 7 years. I must say, I have seen more deer in the last two weeks than I ever have. Between the morning and afternoon I've probably seen 50 or more deer. I'm glad to see they are out there! I'm sure once the...
  19. Mountain Hunter

    Any tips for cleaning up sheds?

    I found two moose sheds while hunting in Maine this year. One of them is very green. Any tips for cleaning them up? Maybe pressure wash them?
  20. Mountain Hunter

    Thinking of getting into ice fishing

    I have never ice fished before. Any advice for someone looking to get started next winter? What kind of gear is necessary or good? I have kids and I think it would be something to kill time in the winter. Not to mention, I live a mile from a lake. Thanks in advance.

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