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    Paying it forward

    Over the years I’ve gained a great deal of knowledge from this site, and I’m thankful for that. I was rummaging around in my parts cabinet this morning and came across these items that I thought some of you on here may find useful. First is a Weaver 1-3x20 scope. It spent a short time on my...
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    DNZ Game Reaper

    I’m considering the one piece DNZ Game Reaper aluminum mounts for both my 7600’s. Anyone on here have any experience with them? I’d order the low size, scopes will be 33mm and 36mm bells so I think there should be clearance enough. A little concerned about the fixed rings and spacing in order to...
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    So my 7600 .30-06 carbine is getting a makeover and I picked up a NIB 7600 .308 I’m going to set up for my son. I decided on a Leupold VX-3i 2.5-8 for mine and a VX Freedom 2-7 for his. Went to the Leupold site to order them and both said “no longer for sale”. WTH?!?! Sent them an email and this...
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    FFG Article

    Great article in the February Fur-Fish-Game magazine by mbvt. Beagles and hare hunting in VT. Nice job, check it out!
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    New in box .308

    My primary hunting partner’s son works for a large firearms distributor here in VT. A couple weeks ago he told me they bought a bunch of new inventory when Remington folded. I’ve got a 7600 .30-06 carbine but my first centerfire rifle was a .308 and I’ve had a soft spot for them ever since. When...
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    Makita chainsaw

    So before deer season I bought a Makita 14” battery operated chainsaw to keep in my truck. All I can say is wow, this thing is the real deal. It came with four 5amp hour batteries and a dual charger. I’ve used it a bunch of times on back roads, camp and logging roads and around my property. I...
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    2020 Deer Season

    Well yesterday was my last deer hunting day for 2020, here’s a recap of how it went. VT bow season. I built a food plot last summer on a good neighbors property adjacent to mine and bow hunted it pretty regularly starting 10/1. It’s a 1/4 clover plot miles from any agricultural land at just over...
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    7600 Makeover

    This year was the 16th year carrying my 7600 ‘06 carbine. Bought it new in 2004 and the old girl has been thru a lot. Many dings in the stock and forend, the bluing is worn right down to bare metal where I carry it one handed, and the Limbsaver recoil pad is sticky and gooey and has to go...
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    Complimentary license

    Received my complimentary disabled veteran lifetime hunting and fishing license from Maine today. Pretty humbled knowing your state treats us nonresident veterans so well. Vermont is reciprocal so if you are a Maine resident rated at 50% or higher you are eligible. Thank you state of Maine.
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    What is it?

    Checked a camera that’s just a hundred yards behind my house. First pic going away is definitely a coyote, you can see the tail. I included it for perspective. Second is definitely a cat. What do you think, bobcat, housecat??
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    Haven’t hunted Maine since the early ‘90’s. When I did it was in the Weld and Phillips area. Friends going to Allagash the first week invited me. It’s a semi guided hunt with Allagash Guide Service. They take you out the first day then you’re on your own which is fine by me. Lodging, meals...
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    Magazine springs

    Last year I shot a bear, 3 shots, and two coyote together, 4 shots. In both instances after cycling the action all I got was a “click” on an empty action and had to cycle again. At the time I thought I’d just “short stroked” it but today I found the culprit. I put a new Redfield 2x7 on over the...
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    Slug gun - SOLD

    Hey all! I put this in the classified thread a few days ago but some of you may not read that regularly so I thought I’d post it here also: Up for sale is a near mint 20 gauge Ultralight Slug Hunter. Purchased new a few years ago, it has a Bushnell Banner 1.75-4x Circle X reticle scope on it as...
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    H&R Handi 20 Gauge Ultralight Slug Hunter - SOLD

    Up for sale is a near mint 20 gauge Ultralight Slug Hunter. Purchased new a few years ago, it has a Bushnell Banner 1.75-4x Circle X reticle scope on it as well as a hammer spur. Very accurate with 3” Remington Accutips, the one deer I shot with it dropped in its tracks at 80 yards. I now have...
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    Trijicon 3x9x40

    Does anyone have one of these? Hunting friend is selling one and I’m interested. It has the red triangle reticle and will probably go on a Remington 788 in .308, my “sitting” rifle. Not sure yet what he’s asking for it but if he’s in the $500 range I think that’d be about right. Thoughts??
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    Blaze orange

    First, some back ground. I’m 58, been deer hunting since I was 14. It took me a lot of years to warm up to blaze orange but now, in every state I hunt firearms seasons in, whether it’s required or not, I wear an orange hat and vest, period. It is beyond me why it’s not law in every state. It’s...
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    Ruger .44 magnum carbine for sale

    Ruger .44 mag carbine for sale. This is the early version with the tubular magazine. Good condition, functions and shoots well. Scoped with a Bushnell Banner 1x4 with the circle plex reticle. $600 firm. I’m in northern VT and would prefer to meet to make the transaction. PM me if interested and...
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    Summer fun

    2nd one of the year for the Marlin 925M in .22mag. Wife gets an assist as she saw it out the kitchen window on the neighbors lawn!
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    Been hunting this area with a friend the last 4-5 years. We don’t get a chance to scout before deer season, we come in cold and use most of the first day to figure things out. I’m not foolish enough to ask where your hunting spots are, but one piece of info that would be very helpful as we go in...
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    The Gun Shop, East Haven VT

    Stopped in at this shop on VT RT 114 yesterday. If you’re in northern VT and are in the market for a 7600/760 you should swing by. At least 10-12 on the rack, new and used. Mostly .30-06 but a few others as well and the prices are very reasonable. Just thought I’d pass it along... Lester

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