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    P&P Plaque

    I got the plaque from Mountain Hunter the other day and got my antler mount finished up. Took a few pics before it heads up to camp. Might as well show off the rest of my Maine deer while I'm at it. Make sure you all sign up for the contest so we can get a lot more entries next year.
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    Year end recap

    After getting four deer week one at camp our second week started out about as good as you could ask. My dad's cousin was up for his first trip this season on on his first morning out he got it done in about 45mins. He parked his truck and walked down a logging road about 50 yards. A deer blows...
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    Shooter Buck's 2020 week 1 report

    2020 Season started a little differently this year as our grandfather passed away this spring and this would be our first year at hunting camp with out him. My uncle who had been coming up the last few years mostly to cook and keep an eye on my grandfather decided he was going to hunt this year...
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    2020 Hound hunt

    Pine-Locks story Sunday October 4th Shooterbuck and I pointed the truck North and started the 6 hour drive up 95 and 11 towards Portage Lake Maine. The ride was uneventful, and we arrived and unpacked with time to confirm the sights on our rifles were still on before dinner. The next...
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    Shooter Buck's NH report 2019

    With no Maine tag but with still time to hunt I headed out from camp Friday after thanksgiving and headed over to NH. The day before it had snowed but we didn’t get anything at camp. An hour or so north of camp when I got to NH they had plenty. I hit the logging roads which were pretty tough...
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    Shooter Buck's 2019 Week 3 Recap

    After a great week one we had a cousins wedding during week two that kept us out of the woods. I was finally back at it Wednesday morning. We had some lingering patchy snow with a fresh dusting from the night before to work with. It was good to see where everything had been but it was tough...
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    Shooter Buck and Pine-Lock's 2019 week one

    My 2019 Maine deer season wouldn’t start till Wednesday but things started fast at our camp this year. Tuesday while I was stuck at work Pine-lock was already up hunting. I got a text from him with a pic of a rub he found at 9:19 from a hill top near camp. We exchanged a few messages for 10 mins...
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    Adirondack Muzzleloader trip

    My brothers and I decided to check out the Adirondack early muzzleloader season this year as a chance to get out in the woods with a rifle before the New England seasons open. We had never been out there before so we did a little computer scouting and headed out in the spring for a quick trip...
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    Triple beam buck

    What do you think of this Maine buck? Where do you think that extra beam is growing out of?
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    Shooter Buck's 2018 season recap

    The 2018 season started a little slow. Week one was warm and rainy weather and not many deer were seen. My cousin ran into a buck on friday morning and drew some blood but after tracking it in the pouring rain we lost the track. We spent the next day and a half grid searching to no avail. Week...
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    Bear Trapping - Third times the charm

    My third attempt at trapping bears started early in august getting a bait started. I had seen a lot of bear sign on the other side of a lake last year and decided I would make the effort to set up a bait over there this year. This involved a 10 min boat ride to and from the bait each time we had...
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    Shooter Buck's 2017 Rifle Season

    Well had a great rifle season with some cool encounters but never filled my tag. Figured Id share some of the stories and pics anyway. Thursday, Nov 2nd It was pretty warm and drizzly. Decided to go to the spot i shot my deer last year on day 2 of the season. Still hunting around the back side...
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    What does this doe weigh?

    What do you think this big Maine girl weighs. Added a buck pic for comparison.
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    Sideways pics?

    Ive been noticing a lot of people posting sideways pics lately. I know i have had trouble when trying to post pics that i have taken on my Iphone. Anyone want to do a write up on how to get them to post up the right way? I normally save pics from my camera to my laptop. make a copy. resize in...
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    Anyone else have their bear bait out yet?

    We got our baits out last week. Had bears within 48 hours this year. Looks like 2 different bears visited both sites.
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    Season wrap up

    Week 4 Thanksgiving Black Friday 3 of us headed up to camp after Thanksgiving dinner. One with a ME tag and one with a NH tag. With snow in the forecast It was looking like some good conditions. I made the drive over to NH with a nice blanket of at least 2in of snow everywhere. I drove a few...
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    Week 2. One more for the pole

    Thursday me and my buddy drove an hr north from camp and headed into NH since we tagged out in ME last week. I had a mountain i had picked out and made my way up through a cut to the top. A few tracks in the cut but not much else for sign. At the top it was all thick spruce with some worn...
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    Looking for a new skull guy

    Ive got a few european mounts I need to get done. My skull guy isnt taking in anymore skull this season. Anybody know anyone in Eastern MA, NH or Western ME?
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    Opening weekend and three deer on the game pole

    2016 Deer season started weds night with 6 of us getting into camp that night. Thursday morning we all headed out in the rain for a thorough soaking. One of the guys got a look at a monster and saw 7 deer in the morning. After coming in midday to dry off we headed back out into the rain. they...
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    New BWB wool

    Just saw that BWB has there new wool pants and jacket out. They look pretty nice. mbVT you get a chance to try any of this stuff out yet?

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