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  1. NoDeerHere

    A few small ones

    Some nice sheds here.
  2. NoDeerHere

    NY Meat pole winner

    And the winner is.......
  3. NoDeerHere

    Bigfoot Meat Pole?

    Not sure what the size or bag limit is but sounds like a new challenge?
  4. NoDeerHere

    Covid-19 Vaccine

    I thought this was suppose to be safe and now I have doubts? Why have we not heard anything on the news about this?
  5. NoDeerHere

    Monster Deer

    Who said there are no deer up North? Well there use to be!
  6. NoDeerHere

    Semi-Auto Crossbow

    Let me know when someone gets one and how they like it. Just wish it was a 30 mag model.
  7. NoDeerHere

    Nice Buck Hit by a Car

    I was coming home today and was just a few miles away and I see a couple of cars and people on the side on the road. I said to the wife bet they hit a deer and as we went by all I see is a massive rack. I should have stopped to take some pictures but there were cars behind me. I said to Kathy...
  8. NoDeerHere

    Mountain Deer

    I ran across this on you tube and thought you might enjoy this. They are a hunters from Vermont but also hunt New Hampshire and Maine. This guy shot a monster buck and his story telling is just as good,
  9. NoDeerHere

    .280 Barks Again

    Let me start by saying this has been a strange but rewarding season. I never saw a tail or heard a deer blow? I started the end of August hunting for bear with nothing coming to the bait. I moved on to deer in the expanded zone on 12 Sep and was out every day either a morning or afternoon...
  10. NoDeerHere

    My Moose Hunt

    Well after 30 plus years I was finally drawn for a last week of October cow only hunt. Friday morning 23 October I left for camp and arrived a little after 1200 unpacked the truck and waited for my sub permittee and his brother to show up which they did about 30 min later. We grabbed a...
  11. NoDeerHere

    I Shot the Small One

    I went back to my stand on Monday ad I had a camera positioned about 38 yards behind me. There were two videos on the camera that were very interesting. The first happened to be a video of the buck I shot 4 days earlier and the second video was a buck that was bigger and I got the video about...
  12. NoDeerHere

    Viper S400 first kill

    This has been a frustrating season up until Thursday morning because I have been hard at it since 31 August for Bear and 12 Sep for Deer and did not see one animal? Thursday morning changed everything as I got in my stand around 0600 cranked the Tenpoint and loaded a bolt. I was not there more...
  13. NoDeerHere

    Deer Calls

    Is anyone using a Deer Call App and if you are what kind of results have you had. The reason I ask is I tried one last year and had some responses from does and young bucks but no mature bucks. I will be using it again this year with a small bluetooth speaker.
  14. NoDeerHere

    Maine Harvest

    There was an article in the local paper that said 30,289 deer have been tagged through 11/26.
  15. NoDeerHere

    Last Day Magic & The Hammock Chair

    The last day of the gun season and I was hunting up the road from the house. I was sitting in my red Hammock Chair (thanks Longbow) and dozing off because it was such a nice day and I was so comfortable in the chair. Around 10 minutes to 4 I started making some soft calls (doe bleats) and...
  16. NoDeerHere

    267 lb Mount from last year

    I just picked up my mount from last year and real happy with the work done by Dick's Taxidermy in Lisbon, ME. You can check out his work on his Facebook page. This is the second one he did for me. According to the IFW this buck was only 3 years old. (390315 PAULES KIPLING 3). Hard to...
  17. NoDeerHere

    Christmas Tree Buck

    I was hunting first week of October in the expanded area of Brunswick, Me. After a few hours on stand which I did not have any activity I decided to go for a walk and scout some. A few hundred yards from the stand I find one side of a nice rack so I started to look for the other side and found...
  18. NoDeerHere

    Deer are tough

    This deer was shot during the last week of Muzzle Loader in Topsham, Maine. The butcher found this broad head in the deer.
  19. NoDeerHere

    The End

    I was surfing around and ran across this from Bryce Towsley. After reading it I thought this is exactly how I feel at the end of the hunting season. How many days until next season?
  20. NoDeerHere

    Deer of a Lifetime

    For those of you who did not see the BDN article I was hunting from Half Way camp along the Allagash River. There is a lot of history from this camp as most hunting camps in Maine. I will start this from last year which was my first trip to the camp. I have known about this camp for 20 plus...

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