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  1. tobydog

    inground pools

    Hello - having one put in in the spring (liner type). Just wondering if any of you guys have any info on thing to watch out for as far as the install goes, the concrete pour, electrical, plumbing etc... I have hired a very reputable company so my comfort level is high, just trying to think of...
  2. tobydog

    elliptical machine for my wife

    Hi, If anyone has one they no longer want, I am willing to pay a fair price (cash) and pick up. Thanks
  3. tobydog

    New Premium Member Option - No Ads

    Will this help pay for a decent spam blocker solution?
  4. tobydog

    Account creation process?

    When I joined this site, I remember having to go through some sort of validation on my account. That was back when Wing Supply ran the site. Now it seems like anyone can create an account without any sort of validation. Am I the only one wondering why and how so many trolls are allowed to post...
  5. tobydog

    Strikers...carbon or wood

    which do you prefer?
  6. tobydog

    Dog was what though?

    A friends do went out into their woods behind the house to do her morning tinkle...wound up getting in quite the tangle with something. Nobody saw the other animal. Any thoughts on what it may have been based on the markings in the pic? I know its not much to go on but figured this would be the...
  7. tobydog

    Hearing protection

    What do people use? I am looking into getting spending a little money on some because as I get older, between the shooting, leaf blowing and chainsaw...I am starting to say "what?" too much:) I like the write ups on the Bose QC35 ii headphones but have my doubts they would fair very well when...
  8. tobydog

    MA turkey this morning...with my daughter in tow:)

    My original plan was to leave my 870 at home and get two turkey with bow this year. On Sunday a friend of mine and I were moving a deer stand adjacent to an area where I know there is a lot of turkey. As we were working, we saw three toms in the field, one was big, the other two were average...
  9. tobydog

    getting psyched for monday moring

    have located a few toms at different sites...hoping things go as planned.
  10. tobydog

    Decent trout in March...cant complain

    Been catching some good fighters on 4lb test with a light rod. fun.
  11. tobydog

    Turkey with a bow

    Over the past 5 years I have done well with turkey hunting. I really enjoy it and I'm looking forward to this season. I have decided to leave the 870 at home and go after them with my bow. I'd be interested in hearing anything useful from those who have taken turkeys with bows. Thanks.
  12. tobydog

    wood pile pics

    talk on another post got me thinking there must be some monster wood piles in this group. lets see some pics... this is my work in progress, started in july close to 4 cords now...will grow to about 6-7, not a monster but enough for 2 years for me since i sprayed foam insulation in 3/4 of my house.
  13. tobydog

    .410 for Turkey?

    Finally got my 13 year old daughter to say yes to come out turkey hunting with me next Spring. She is small for her age and I'm wondering if she cold get the job done with a .410 if I call the bird to within 15-20 yards. Thoughts?
  14. tobydog

    Mass Carry question

    A friend of mine asked me a question that I didn't know the answer to. consider the person in the example has a class A ltc... if you're inside your home with you gun on your hip and the doorbell it legal to answer the door wo concealing the weapon?
  15. tobydog

    Hunting...prefer alone or with others?

    Curious what you guys prefer? I prefer alone, at least for now.
  16. tobydog

    This place is dead today!

    Figured I'd post something since it is a slow day on HC. Spent my morning - till 930- trying to call in a tom in a field who was surrounded by hens. No deal. It was a lot of fun watching them though sometimes w binos but mostly not. I didnt get a bird but they put on a show fighting for space...
  17. tobydog

    decent bird, had to work for him a bit

    Yesterday I got the blind and hen decoy set up in the dark where I heard a gobbler on opening day and make the mistake of trying to move closer to the bird. The edge of a field with a fair mount of woods behind me where they roost. I think I scared him off on Monday. First light comes and I hear...
  18. tobydog

    Has this happened to you? if so how did you handle?

    In the last six months this has happened to me twice, once with a co-worker and once with a barber cutting my hair. Both guys in their mid-thirties. Each of these people has told me, as if it were no big deal, about how they had been fishing recently and thrown in the fact that they don?t have a...
  19. tobydog

    friend looking for a bow

    A friend of mine is looking for a bow. He is a taller guy and needs something that fits the specs below. If anyone has something they are looking to get rid of, PM me. Thanks. 32-33? draw length 40-60lb. draw weight
  20. tobydog

    looking for advice on shooting clays

    I didn?t call this trap or skeet because I am not doing either. I am simply shooting clays at this point. I did it for the first time a few weeks ago and I?m addicted. Really fun. I am hitting about 75% of what goes up. Since I have very little experience with this I figured it would be worth...

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