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    We lost our EC spaniel Tink in February kind of suddenly and it was heartbreaking. After a few weeks of coming home to an empty house I called the breeder Tink came from to start the process of getting a new pup. They were expecting 2 litters in March but there were 14 deposits ahead of me so...
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    Preliminary deer kill numbers.
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    Look out squirrels!

    I’ve wanted a small caliber muzzleloader to hunt small game with for quite awhile and I’ve finally got one. I picked up a NIB .32 T/C Cherokee barrel from one of the FB muzzleloader groups and then after some searching found a stock with all the hardware to put it in. Somehow in the process I...
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    Old VT Sportsman.

    My mom was going thru stuff at home, found this and gave it to me. Vol. 1, Issue 1 of the Vermont Sportsman from April of '69.
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    Antlerless lottery

    Results are up today in the VT antlerless permit draw.
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    Old scrape cam

    I've had cameras out for the past month or so in different areas, I moved some to a different area we hunt the weekend before last. I put one of them on a scrape from last fall. To look at it you wouldn't think it had been visited, it hasn't been cleared and there's no tracks in it. You can...
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    My kind of "hunting" video...

    I think I know someone who fits just about every one of these
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    VT antlerless tag

    Tomorrow (8/24) at midnight is the deadline to apply for an antlerless tag for the VT ML season. If you miss it there are likely to be tags to purchase later in at least a few zones.
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    I went for a hike yesterday to put out a few cams and maybe pick some blackberries. I'm more or less in SW VT. It was a little too early for blackberries but I was astounded by the nuts in the woods. Acorns, hickory nuts, beech nuts and hazel nuts. I don't ever remember seeing as much mast...
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    1st year of VT moose study

    Here's some info from the first year of Vermonts moose study. For Immediate Release: August 1, 2017 Media Contacts: Cedric Alexander, 802-751-0105; Scott Darling 802-777-1732; Mark Scott, 802-777-4217 VT F&W Gives Update on Multi-Year Moose Study St. JOHNSBURY, Vt. ? The Vermont Fish &...
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    250 Savage brass

    Cabelas has Remington 250 Savage brass in stock for the first time in many years for any of you guys who are partial to that fine little cartridge.
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    Preliminary 2016 deer numbers.

    This was released today. Vermont Hunters Had Successful 2016 Deer Seasons MONTPELIER, Vt. ? The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department says preliminary numbers show 16,160 deer were taken during Vermont?s 2016 deer hunting seasons. Reports from big game check stations indicate hunters had...
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    MD trip 2016

    The girls and I headed for Maryland a week ago yeasterday for a little waterfowl and deer hunting. This is always a not too serious hunt with my brother and his daughters. Usually we hunt waterfowl in the morning, go back to his place for lunch and a nap, swap gear and hunt deer for the...
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    Old School Vermont deer hunting.

    Its a slow day at work and I've been thinking about how my deer hunting has changed since I was a kid, back then it was trips to Plainfield VT. The upstairs of my great aunt and uncles house was deer camp, my great grandfathers camp had been struck by lightning and burned down in the 60's. We...
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    2016 VT deer season

    2016 VT deer season review My daughters and I have been in the process of expanding our hunting oportunities thru archery, we took the archery course in September of 2015 and spent a little more than a year shooting our bows. Abby is away at school and can't come home much to hunt, Sarah is...
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    Add Texas to the CWD list.

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    A bow for my daughter

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    2015 moose permit numbers