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    2020 Vermont Pounds & Points Contest

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    Boy thats gotta be rough!
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    2020 Big Turkey Contest

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    Unused beagle pants 32x32

    These would totally work for me, and am tempted but I just can't do $200
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    Spam, spam, spammy spam, spammmm

    lol I received the same messages. I don't know if its connected or not, but it seems like alot of these bots started showing up when the forum changed over to the new format??
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    Iowa 2020 or 2021

    lol they're starting to post on top of eachother haha
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    New to the forum from Mass

    welcome! Finally a non-bot!
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    Russelbro. Youtube video

    Did they every say that weight in the video? Might have missed it
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    New to hunting...Advice?

    Great advice here! If your out there you have a chance. You don't have much of a chance when your on the couch "warming up"
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    What do you drink after hunting?

    like someone said earlier depends on if I or we were sucessful. If not 1-2 scopes of BCAA's with 40-60oz of water to hydrate and get my legs ready for the next day. If someone was successful might have a light beer or two. If a beast was slayed probably a few rounds of congratulatory shots
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    Big Adirondack Buck

    Sent the picture to my wife's cousin who lives in Oswego, asking if he had heard about it. He said he had, and he also heard it came from the tug hill area.
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    Scouting maps

    What Haystaddle said. when I was in idaho I quickly downloaded 3 maps of 3 different areas we were going to hunt while I was sitting in the airport. One of the maps I never used, used the other two and covered around 50 miles in 6ish days of hunting. Never took my gps out of my pack
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    Scouting maps

    Just purchase Onx. Did all my online scouting for Idaho with it. Marked waypoints, water sources, shows private land, trail access. Then all those waypoint automatically upload to your cell app. Game changer! Only thing google earth might have on Onx is the tilt feature of GE to really get...
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    Timberframe House Build

    Wow that is amazing!! You guys do incredible work!
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    If you could only have ONE big game rifle?

    I know this is mainly a 30-06 pump gun and 35 whalen site but no love for the 6.5 cred? Just curious about them. I don't personally have one but have been hearing alot of good things about them, long range accuracy, low recoil, +/- 3000fps. Also considered a short action which I tend to...
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    I remember growing up it was a get together tradition with my dad and his hunting buddy, and I usually was able to tag along. During deer season if the phone rang I'd try to be the first one to it in hopes it was my dads friend. The phone conversation would usually last about 10 seconds...
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    I'm guessing if a warden asks you to take you to the kill site and the gut pile there is some speculation on how the kill transpired, and if you take them to the kill site, and the gut pile is at a different location that may not look good for you. . . . I know personally I've never dragged a...
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    ON X app question?

    Used it in Idaho this year, never even took my gps out of my pack. Was kicking the tires on a new gps, after using OnX don't think that'll be happening.
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    200#, 200 Point Maine Buck

    Is that a chapstick in your pocket? Yes, yes it is!
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    So, how do you feel about next season's changes?

    you are correct about bow season. you can bow hunt from the beginning of archery to the end of muzzleloader excluding rifle season. Us archers in vermont will finally have the opportunity to see rut like behavior! Overall I like all the rule changes! can't wait to see how they effect...