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  1. Lavman

    All out of buck tags....

    First off sorry for the delay in getting this posted, it has been an insane week in the construction industry with the onset of early winter and all the work we are trying to accomplish battling Mother Nature. Opening day of rifle season 2018 dawned with the blessing if about 2" of wet and...
  2. Lavman

    Great season Longbow!

  3. Lavman

    The Scout!

    I shot a nice 8 pointer with my old TC Scout back in 2012. I retired the Scout after that and bought a CVA Wolf, inexpensive, lightweight, easy to load/unload without firing, etc. This year is my son's first year deer hunting. He wants to join me muzzleloader hunting so I pulled the Scout out...
  4. Lavman

    T/C Scout ML Rifle

    I have a Thompson Center Scout muzzleloading rifle, 50cal. It is in good to very good condition and is topped with the TC illuminated crosshairs scope. I am considering selling it and wonder what it might be worth. Here is a picture of it with a 8 pointer I shot with it in 2012 image hosting...
  5. Lavman

    Shot my first male/female Woody combo

    This season marks my 11th season of duck hunting. In all these seasons this is the very first time I have ever shot a male Wood Duck and I must say, I think it is the most colorful and striking of all the ducks. I was lucky enough to bag this male/female combo in one incoming swoop. Fired 3...
  6. Lavman

    Some more TC pics from the woods around The Lav Shack

    So I moved one camera, let is soak for a week and got some neat pics. The first is this bobcat slinking past. I suspect this is the same one I got on camera in the last location I had this camera The second cool pic is this black bear lumbering by in the night And then this doe I have...
  7. Lavman


    After a one week soak in a new spot found two critter pics on the trail cam, first was this bobcat and the second....well, I am not sure what it is, tell me what you guys think.
  8. Lavman

    A fun "fish-a-cation"

    So my wife had to head out on a business trip to Minny-soda for 5 days which put me in the single parent situation (we have 3 children). I looked at this as an opportunity to head up north to my folks house and spend some time fishing with my Dad and the brood and catch up with my sisters and...
  9. Lavman

    A few recent trail cam pics from the Lav Shack

    picture share how to do a screen shot adult image
  10. Lavman

    They said snow!!

    Part I: Part II: :duck::duck::duck:
  11. Lavman

    Autumn strikes again! Part II

    We pick our position out, its a large hemlock tree in a stand of hardwood. We pruned the branches of the hemlock to allow us to cozy up to the center of the tree to help break up the outline of the tent blind and give us good overwatch position to the travel corridor and the small field. The...
  12. Lavman

    Autumn strikes again! Part I

    That is how my mother passed along the news of my daughter, Autumn, harvesting her youth weekend deer. Saturday morning dawned crisp and chilly. We left the truck at 0550 to head into the woods to our blind and no head lamps were needed, the moon was so bright. The forest floor was covered in...
  13. Lavman

    Henny hen hen Part 3

    Now that you've made it through parts 1 and 2 you must be wondering where the hell is this hen at?? I won't keep you in suspense any longer. I wish this was a story about my daughter tipping this bird over but as luck would have it, it was Dad's day to tag a bird. We encountered a large flock...
  14. Lavman

    Henny hen hen Part 2

    Sunday morning dawns overcast and rainy and my two oldest are up and raring to get after the turkeys. Since my daughter has completed hunter safety she carries a shotgun, image hosting over 10mb my oldest son will take hunter safety next year when he turns 11 so for now he is the forward...
  15. Lavman

    Henny hen hen Part 1

    This is the first year we have ever targeted (OK, maybe chased is a better way to put it) fall turkeys. Probably the biggest reason is that my daughter has become a pretty good turkey hunter, having gone 2 for 2 on the spring youth turkey seasons so far Her first (2013) photo share Her second...
  16. Lavman

    Meager Season for me

    As has become the tradition, my Dad, my brother-in-law, my nephew and myself come together to duck hunt the Lake Champlain opener. I think this is the 6th year in a row and some years have been better than others for sure but this opener was off a bit in terms of harvest numbers. The comaradarie...
  17. Lavman

    Tactical Sleeping Bag

    Check this rig out. This would be great for long sits in late season or even early season cold days. Methinks I needs to have one :duck: Anyone have one? If yes, what do you think of it?
  18. Lavman

    Boo Boo the dumpster diving bear

    I live in Weston, VT, pretty rural town in south central VT. My house is tucked into the woods on top of a hill and we have wildlife all around us - deer, turkeys, moose (though not often), all sorts of small game and the occasional black bear. Not lots of black bears, but we do get visits from...