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    Forum Software Upgrade

    So far so good (y)
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    All out of buck tags....

    First off sorry for the delay in getting this posted, it has been an insane week in the construction industry with the onset of early winter and all the work we are trying to accomplish battling Mother Nature. Opening day of rifle season 2018 dawned with the blessing if about 2" of wet and...
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    Great season Longbow!

  4. Lavman

    The Scout!

    I shot a nice 8 pointer with my old TC Scout back in 2012. I retired the Scout after that and bought a CVA Wolf, inexpensive, lightweight, easy to load/unload without firing, etc. This year is my son's first year deer hunting. He wants to join me muzzleloader hunting so I pulled the Scout out...
  5. Lavman

    T/C Scout ML Rifle

    I have a Thompson Center Scout muzzleloading rifle, 50cal. It is in good to very good condition and is topped with the TC illuminated crosshairs scope. I am considering selling it and wonder what it might be worth. Here is a picture of it with a 8 pointer I shot with it in 2012 image hosting...
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    Shot my first male/female Woody combo

    This season marks my 11th season of duck hunting. In all these seasons this is the very first time I have ever shot a male Wood Duck and I must say, I think it is the most colorful and striking of all the ducks. I was lucky enough to bag this male/female combo in one incoming swoop. Fired 3...
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    Interesting Pic I found on facebook

    This is my idea of "pole mounted"
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    Interesting Pic I found on facebook

    Can't ya see it man
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    Some more TC pics from the woods around The Lav Shack

    So I moved one camera, let is soak for a week and got some neat pics. The first is this bobcat slinking past. I suspect this is the same one I got on camera in the last location I had this camera The second cool pic is this black bear lumbering by in the night And then this doe I have...
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    After a one week soak in a new spot found two critter pics on the trail cam, first was this bobcat and the second....well, I am not sure what it is, tell me what you guys think.
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    What purchase would you recomend hands down.......

    Last year I bought an Old Timer Sharpfinger knife and it has been simply a pleasure to use. It is light, sharp, fits my hand really well and is very versatile. I have used to to gut and cape a deer and used it during ice fishing season to process yellow perch, can't say enough good about it AND...
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    A fun "fish-a-cation"

    So my wife had to head out on a business trip to Minny-soda for 5 days which put me in the single parent situation (we have 3 children). I looked at this as an opportunity to head up north to my folks house and spend some time fishing with my Dad and the brood and catch up with my sisters and...
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    A few recent trail cam pics from the Lav Shack

    picture share how to do a screen shot adult image
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    DAAAAA BEARS! Sorry, had to do it :D Have to look around my place, have had some strawberries and the apples seem to be doing well.
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    what is it?

    I wonder if your picture is of this missing cat?? :D:D
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    what is it?

    I'd vote possum, if this old boy were to lay his ears back and give you the up close hairy eyeball it'd be a good match to the trail cam pic
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    They said snow!!

    Part I: Part II: :duck::duck::duck: