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    Boone & Crockett/ Pope & Young Entries by county

    I have been trying to find a somewhat recent listing of the number of record book entries broken down by county in the New England states. Anyone know where I can find something like that? Seems to be easy to find for Midwestern states.
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    2018 Trail Cam pics Thread

    I thought it would be cool to see what everyone has on camera so far in 2018 and keep it running till the end of the year. I'll start...
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    Any interest in an Iowa hunt/lease?

    I have a couple spots I am going to open up on my personal leases for a couple non residents. Basically I have an opportunity to lease additional farms and I can't afford to do so alone without giving up some of my current properties, which I do not want to do. So I have decided to try to help...
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    Never made it to VT, but IA was good

    Sorry I have not posted much here for a while. I have been incredibly busy this fall with work/hunting/church/ and a baby on the way. I really wanted to come hunt the farm in VT this year, but I did not make it. I WILL be coming up to Ice Fish soon though. My Iowa season was pretty incredible...
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    Bucks of Iowa

    I will be heading up to VT to put up a couple cameras in a week or so. Here are some of the deer on my farms in Iowa.
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    First Buck pics on the farm

    Checked cameras for the first time and had a couple decent bucks on camera.
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    Your biggest buck.

    I was wondering what everyone's largest buck is. I'd like to get an idea of what to expect where I will be hunting. I'm not one to bash someone shooting young bucks, I just want to see what everyone has killed. Mine is 160 7/8" from Indiana in 2008.
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    Ice Fishing

    Do many of you folks Ice fish? I live in the midwest but have property in VT. I love to ice fish here at home. I would like to find a few places to try when I come up there just to see some different water or species.
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    New in Southern VT

    Hello, I am a die hard whitetail hunter, and I actually live in Iowa. I recently inherited a peice of property that was in the family in Southern Vermont. My goal is to turn the property into a quality hunting farm, as i have no plans to leave Iowa. I joined the forum to hopefully learn a bit...