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    Ipswich River Ducks Unlimited Dinner

    The 13th annual Ipswich River DU dinner is May 11, 2018 from 5:30-10:00 PM at the Wakefield Elks Lodge in Wakefield, MA. We've got a new location, new menu, new games and lots of great prizes from guns to mini bikes. We'll have guns from Browning, Beretta, Kimber and more. We'll have...
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    12th Annual Ipswich River Ducks Unlimited Dinner

    Just want to throw this out there for anyone in the north shore/ Central MA area. We're having our annual Ipswich River Dinner on Saturday April 29th over at the Hillview Country Club in North Reading. Dinner and and a DU membership are included in your ticket cost. We'll have lots of raffles...
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    2016 Massachusetts Meat Pole

    4/29/16 22lbs, 10" beard and 1" spurs
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    2015 Mass Meat Pole

    My 15 minute, one shot hunt from this morning.
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    Anybody finding anything yet? Went out last week and did a pretty through search, only went home with a raccoon skull