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  • You going to be coming in from the north, to the fish pond road? If so check black book campground on Azhicohos lake. They have a website. They have one cabin and it will allow you to be close to Fish pond road, middle and lower magalloway. Worst case try something in town, like the saddleback inn motel. Nothing up there is really cheap, but the motel is like 80 bucks I think.

    I was up there on Monday and things are pretty high. Lower magalloway will stay at 320 cfs which is perfect, so if things are blown out try that. Kennebago was unfishable, rangeley was really high, middle magalloway was perfect but still warm at 66 degrees. I think the rapid is around 2300 which is pretty high, but you can pick around the edges and find fish.

    If I was there today, I would pound the lower Magalloway. Constant flow from here on out and the coldest water. The rest of the river are filled with fish, just hard to get to them with the water ragging.

    Good luck.
    Hello Sir. I wanted to thank you for writing back and giving me that info on Stetson hollow and the Warren area...I actually have a camp on the Warren side on the Gap Road... So i'm familiar with the area... i just wasn't sure how well know it is to others. I haven't hunted stetson hollow, heard a lot about it from family members over the years ive been hunting... I actually got turned around once and came out on Stetson hollow rd once after leaving the gap rd...needless to say it was quite the hike. And there are definately some bruisers running around there to...

    Do you know of anyone who's had success tracking that area...?
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