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    Coyotes, deer and the interstate..

    I was driving down I-89 at first light Thursday . I saw a young deer standing in the alder whips near the northbound lane. Then I noticed two other deer further up the bank. As I get closer I saw that the young deer was in a submissive posture with an arched back and head hung low. Almost...
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    North East Spring Bear hunt recommendations.

    I have been looking to do a family hunting trip with my grown up children. Having one that is a teacher makes a fall hunt almost impossible. My daughters schools classes in VA end in May. I am thinking about a Spring bear hunt the first week in June. I have been looking at New Brunswick but...
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    Video of small buck sparring

    This is from October in our woodlot. First time Ive caught this on video. Later I got a video of the little one making a scrape.
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    Xmas bow selection help

    I?ve decided to buy my daughter a bow for Christmas. She is a 25 year old teacher in VA and I live in VT. Last year I gave her a deer rifle and I brought her down my old Knight ML in October. She got permission to hunt does on some private land and shot two. She also bow fishes so shooting...
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    Vt opener video. Small 4pt making a scrape

    I had family obligations that kept me hunting close to home this weekend. When walking through the landing that I cleared, I saw a tree moving oddly. Turns out it was a small 4 pt making a scrape. Then he walks by me to get an apple and make another scrape. Kinda long, about 5minutes and...
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    First year Chestnut tree report

    I started them in the tan grow tubes and now have added the fence to protect them from feeding deer. They are about 25 feet apart with a nice southern exposure. Now on August first I have two outstanding trees, two good solid trees and two that may not make it. I suspect that I will add six...
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    First year Chestnut tree report

    The trees were year old sprigs. They arrived in good shape but I felt that when the tied the trees together that the tie wrap was too tight and two saplings had dead buds above the tie-wrap. For the most part they had good buds.
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    First year Chestnut tree report

    Last year I decided to plant some Dustan Chestnut trees in the landing that I cleared last year. I had removed all the stumps and planted some rye to keep the ferns out. My Chestnut Hill trees arrived in early April but, I kept them dormant until May. I planted them like any tree with a mix...
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    Bow-fishing in VA

    Ray pic They fished in a Ray tournament in the Chesapeake last week. The weather was tough but they did OK. (40+ rays this year 100+ last year) This one was an average size.
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    The nicest hunting rifle in the safe

    Not a great pic but here you go. I thought it would be an OK rifle for my daughter, who shoots left. I just bought her a new Savage left in 7mm-08 and will keep the BLR for myself. Nice crisp trigger and a 2x7 Leopold scope. One down side is my big mitts with winter gloves are tough for the...
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    The nicest hunting rifle in the safe

    I’m real committed to my BAR in .280. Its nearing 20 years old and my only complaint is that its getting heavy, Im breaking in a 7mm-08 BLR for the future. Im faithful to these girls but if I was to step out on them, Turning Leafs rifle is sexy!
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    NY jailbirds on trail cam.

    It was reported on the news that these guys were caught on a trail cam.
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    Bow-fishing in VA

    The Mirror looked pretty cool. We fished until 2 AM boating 10 carp between 6-12 pounds. I can’t wait to do this again. Probably you guys have done this before but it was the first time for me. Fast paced and bow shooting typically don’t go together. They are heading to SC in a few weeks...
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    Bow-fishing in VA

    Next she hits a Mirror Carp. It a mutant carp that looks like the scales are backwards.
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    Bow-fishing in VA

    We arrive to the launch and find it full of bass boat trailers. It turns out there is a tourney going on. The few boats that are there come over to talk. They know that we are there to shoot Carp that are feeding on bass eggs. We find a quiet cove and switch on the lights. Before I know...