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  • Hey, wishing you and your wife all the best. Thats what is really important. I hope you guys get to CT. It always amazes me the quality of bucks from there. Maine is always a good bet.
    Im Heading to Ont Thursday.
    Keep in touch
    Jordan and I were supposed to go to CT this week....But his wife is sick, they are headed to Hanover on Wednesday to try and get some answers. If things improve we will be headed back to Maine on Thanksgiving week. One of the camp owners is already there and picking out his deer for this year. He sent us a pic, this thing is a beast! Going to go 150 class! How are things with you?
    Thanks it was a blast. I guess when a post is made in the hunting log section only the creator can post in there. Hopefully I'll get out this fall a few times before deer.
    Hey Chuck, sorry for the delay on getting back to you. I have not been on very regular lately. No, I have not got my mount back yet. Jordan went this morning to pick his up. We were supposed to go get it in the morning, but he couldn't wait and I could not go. I should see it tomorrow. I will post pick of it when I get a chance. It is quiet a hog!!! I have not talked to Jordan about next fall yet. I really need to get on the ball. I have a feeling that we are going to head back to Maine. The land where we hunt was purchased by the infamous Roxanne Quimbee, and we are not sure how much longer we are going to be able to hunt it. On a good note, look at this shed that one of the camp owners found this week!!! Rumor has it his brother found another one just a big:eek:!

    I will stop by sometime soon and say hi!


    Will do! Camera's are charged and ready. I don't think we could ask for a better forecast for this weekend. Game plan is to bundle him up and see how long I can keep him still in a stand!
    ya been a busy week gettin things ready
    i ll be out everyday and AJ s gonna hit it with me on fri , that ll be one of hardest hit days
    got some sweet spots i ve been holding off on for this tourney so we ll see ...
    goodluck and keep you posted on your progress !
    i prolly wont be on here until after the tourneys over so might see you there ;)
    your even closer than i thought then ;)
    i ll bet you ve drove by my wifes blazer side the road more than once !
    you guys have a camp up there ?
    hey chuck just see the pic of you and your 6 pt in the law book, nice !
    didnt realize where you shot it , weren t far from where i am ;)
    Will likely make the trip out there- thanks for the invite! Hopefully catch up with a few HC folks at the Y.Classic on the 16th.
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