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  • ok, good. what i really need, amonst other things, are some dates to set with you, and how many days that i can anticipate that you will be up for. since this is my first year doing it, i want to stay a bit cautious, and not try to string too many days together for me, so i dont make the boss mad. next year will be different. how would a long weekend sound to you guys? drop me an email, tell me what you guys are thinking, and we can also discuss places to stay, etc.
    Pat. I would like to give it a shot. Let me know what I need to do to help you out. Thank you very much. John
    yep, that was me. i was nervouse as heck, wasnt sure if i said what i wanted to clearly or not. talked with lawrence pyne last night, i got the impression he might try to do a turkey thing in the future too.
    I suspect that was you on the radio this AM. Nice job. It seemed like Kyle agreed with the extended turkey hunting hours.
    I started a new thread regarding a VT get together. I thought we could get more guys involved. It's Vermont HC Rendezvous. I know that you can get this moving.
    BTW, you look young in your pics but, I was fishing Caspian before BADs parents finished highschool..LOL
    hey Raven, sorry it took so long, haven't been online for a bit. not yet, thinking about going over next weekend. still haven't posted my bird pics yet, do you know how to reduce the file size? when i try to upload, i get file is too large. Pat
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