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    What do you drink after hunting?

    I drink a lot of water during hunting season...sometimes use flavored packets. At the end of the day...just more of the same...and maybe a little seltzer. Hot drinks include coffee in the morning and tea at night. No alcohol while the hunt is still on...because it makes me lethargic. I don't...
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    New to hunting...Advice?

    It is really a great time to be taking up hunting at your age... So much has changed in the last 20 years...having a site like this many great books out now compared to just 30 years ago.... and, some of what is available on youtube is pretty amazing. The learning curve is much...
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    That is a fantastic story...seriously...someone should put together an entire book filled with memories just like me it reads like poetry...great stuff!!!
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    So, how do you feel about next season's changes?

    I know population estimates are challenging...but I have not seen this amount of bear activity in my lifetime...and it is across all the locations I hunt the last couple years. There was quite a bit of mast in the woods this maybe that was part of why they were still out and about...
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    So, how do you feel about next season's changes?

    I am very impressed with the thoughtfulness of this plan. Unrelated to this...we have seen an incredible amount of bear activity in the last couple years and I wonder what might be considered in the future concerning bear management. As I understand it...the estimated population is currently...
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    200#, 200 Point Maine Buck

    Before it was banned...there used to be some people feeding deer here in Vermont but on an extremely small scale compared to what is being talked about here. I have little knowledge of the history around this in Maine but I am with most such things...that it started with good...
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    200#, 200 Point Maine Buck

    Very interesting...this conversation and the lengthy one last year were really informative and eye opening to me. Based on what I have learned here...I am more grateful now than I was back when Vermont banned such feeding.
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    Cool Experience

    Good stuff...congrats to you both!
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    Happy Rifle Season Eve

    And don't forget your thermals...!!!
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    mbVT 2019 NH Buck

    Nicely done....and it sure does look cold!
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    Bucks are in stupid mode. Good luck!

    Yup...really hard to be sitting on the sidelines right now!
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    Youth Weekend Report

    Congratulations...what a great weekend! Wow...those coyotes are too bold for comfort! Is there a lack of hunting pressure in the area?
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    First week of the 2019 Maine rifle season.

    46 years hunting together...wonderful and sad at the same time...must feel like a part of you is missing. You guys are amazing...enjoy the rest of the season!
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    Another One Bites the Dust

    You are making it look to easy! Congrats on a beautiful buck
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    2019 Maine Buck

    What a beauty!