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    20 pointer taken in Epping this season

    A renown taxidermist in Vermont told me many years ago that if you are going to hang your deer to never hang them by the back feet...but to hang them exactly the way you have them in the pic. Since then I have always hung them the same way. He told me that if moisture pools in the head it can...
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    20 pointer taken in Epping this season

    That would have been a heck of a buck next year....:ROFLMAO:
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    Writing on the wall. Too many bucks shot, not enough does

    I assume Maine does currently have some protections in place for existing deer yards? As others have said...that would be the easiest place to start and doesn't cost anything...but at this point it feels like it would be a drop in the bucket. Such a tough issue because there are a lot of...
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    Congrats...that's a great hunt and a nice buck!!!!
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    2021 Last Day Vermont Buck

    Congrats...that's a beautiful buck...and great shot given the circumstances.
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    two seventy four

    Wow...he's all neck!
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    2021 Vermont Meat Pole

    149.5 pounds 4 points 65 1/4 (214 3/4)
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    2021 Maine Buck

    Congrats...what a beauty!!!
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    2021 Second Chance Buck

    Pretty awesome...way to not get too discouraged and stay with it!
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    Waterford Area

    Congrats...that is a great buck!
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    Archery buck - October 7, 2021

    What a beauty!
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    2021 Maine September Moose Hunt: 802-603hunter

    Truly as good as it gets...congrats...great write up!
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    New Lanny Benoit Interview

    Nicely done. Lanny seems very easy to talk to...but not necessarily an easy interview. He loves to tell deer hunting stories...but clearly there are things he chooses not to talk about. You did a nice job of respecting his boundaries while giving him the opportunity to share. And I noticed that...
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    Buck Down

    What a beauty!

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