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    7600 Jamming Issues

    I like the extra round and load mine exactly the way you described (4+1). It is pretty tight and I am very careful to make sure the magazine clicks in place and is seated right. I still use the original clip which came with the rifle when I bought it 16 years ago...never had any problems with...
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    Group Picture

    Browseline...It would be incredible to get all of you together with someone who knows how to film/ interview and put it all together. Even if you needed to hire someone to help with the process...(a good videographer). It's just too good to not seriously consider preserving and sharing. I would...
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    Group Picture

    Great photo...incredible bucks...thanks for sharing!
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    BIG TIME Youth Turkey Weekend Success

    Awesome...congrats to you all.
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    March dates for the VT deer hearings.

    Nice presentations. Interesting map which showed how harvest distribution had changed over time. Anybody ever been in that room and know what the wood slab is all about...has writing on it...looked interesting?
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    Beards beard is almost all white now...and I really started thinking about it during the season when it suddenly dawned on me after taking a selfie.
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    VT F&W 2020 Moose hunt proposal

    Good to have moose hunting back in VT. Hopefully, the herd will thrive again....
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    Hunting Chat's Vermont Big Buck Club

    Before Iphones...didn't carry a camera...unfortunately no good pics...I believe this one was taken a day or two later...
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    Hunting Chat's Vermont Big Buck Club

    223 pounds...November 13, 2000 (third day of rifle season)...only one over 200.
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    Big Adirondack Buck my opinion that mount isn't in that bad of shape and worth trying to do some cleaning/ restoration yourself. You might not be able to make the ears look like a deer that was mounted last year...but you can easily make them look a lot better. If you are going to have it remounted...
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    Big Adirondack Buck

    mowbizz...that is an incredible buck and great photo of your dad. Considering your attachment to the deer you may want to consider just restoring what you have instead of a whole new mount which essentially would leave you with just the antlers from your dads deer. I was fortunate enough to...
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    What do you drink after hunting?

    I drink a lot of water during hunting season...sometimes use flavored packets. At the end of the day...just more of the same...and maybe a little seltzer. Hot drinks include coffee in the morning and tea at night. No alcohol while the hunt is still on...because it makes me lethargic. I don't...
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    New to hunting...Advice?

    It is really a great time to be taking up hunting at your age... So much has changed in the last 20 years...having a site like this many great books out now compared to just 30 years ago.... and, some of what is available on youtube is pretty amazing. The learning curve is much...

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