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    Lucky Friday the 13th

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    First MA buck of the year

    nice job
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    Bear Down

    thats a big girl
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    Cam check

    go get them
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    Social Isolation cam pull

    wow, i know where i would live during early november
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    Maine Moose Lottery

    always apply, our group rules is if you dont apply youre not welcome to come along
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    Ended the season with a bang!

    nice buck
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    Personal best ADK buck

    nice buck
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    Firearms opening morning success!!

    i hang mine the same way, nice shooting
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    What a weekend!**EDITED**

    nice shot
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    2019 Mass Archery trip

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    Opening day?

    Any body get out/on the board today? Gonna sit a couple hours tomorrow morning
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    Keeping your feet warm?

    What's everyone method on keeping their feet warm in the stand? Certain brand sock? Two socks? Feet warmer?
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