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    Russelbro. Youtube video

    I know everyone loves and looks forward to the Russellbro report every year. With all that is going on in their family I honestly don’t know if it will be out as usual or not. However, Jeff has a YouTube channel he has used to post up short videos of the last few years. This year he did almost...
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    Prayers for Russellbro family

    Jeff, I had no idea what was behind the screen when I opened it up. It hit me like a sack of bricks.....I’m the father who knows this pain all to well. Prayers are with Jase and the whole Russell family. I will put him on the prayer list at our church if that is ok with Josh.
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    Russell Brothers Book

    Just ordered mine for Christmas! It’ll make for some great Wood stove reading after the season! Looking forward to this years report....which I imagine by now is mostly in the books! Anyone hear anything?
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    2018 Mass Meat Pole

    Weight 140 Score 127 3/8 Total 267 3/8
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    2018 Archery Meat Pole

    Weight 140 Score 127 3/8 Total 267 3/8
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    Product Review Rapid River Knife Works Custom Design hunting Knife

    I came across Rapid River Works knife company on a segment on Discovering...a you tube program on anything outdoors from Michigan. They custom design and Handmake every knife they sell. I was impressed. After doing a lot of research I came across a custom knife I pulled the trigger on. It’s...
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    Ruger American Rifle

    I’m a little late to this thread but I own 2 7mm 08’s and absolutely love them both. Both of mine are Savage models with the them. One in composite black stalk similiar to yours for harsh weather days and my favorite is the Model 11/111 light weight hunter. One of the best...
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    Do you know Who does Tanning?

    I have a friend who got married last summer and told me all he wanted for a wedding present was a soft tanned deer pelt with the fur still on it. Does anyone know anyone in New England who is doing this? Thanks
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    Dragging Pictures...Let's See Some

    2 Mass Bucks
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    Russelbro & 2 How’s it coming along?

    You guys do such an awesome job on the annual trip I know it takes a ton of time. Just wondering if we can can get an ETA on when you think it might be ready!!! Thanks :cool:
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    2018 Mass Meat Pole

    5 Point 138 Pounds Shotgun
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    Warm Morning & A Five Point Buck

    December for me is unfortunately the busiest time at work....I’m in retail and I work a lot of hours which means very little hunting time for Mass Shotgun & Muzzleloader Season. The first day of the Shotgun I went into one of my favorite’s fairly un pressured because of the amount...
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    2018 NY Meat Pole

    4 point 120 pounds Score 36 Total 156
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    Upstate NY......Let it Snow!

    I’m going to keep this on the shorter side...but for some more details read DLukes latest 11/17 & 11/18 Journal. Love this this trip and the planning for it for months, it’s part of the suspense and enjoyment for me really. The day finally arrived.....we had 3 guys staying in camp this year...
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    Headed to Upstate!

    Currently i’m enjoying my morning coffee and in less than 24 hours i’ll Be on the road to Upstate NY for a week of deer hunting. This year there are 3 of us going up and I know Escout will be headed to his favorite stomping grounds in Oneonta also, and Jake will be alongside his Dad. The...