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    EHD is here.

    A good friend of mine has found 2 dead bucks in ponds where I'm at. A friend of his said 30+ have been found dead about 15 miles north of here.
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    2021 Maine September Moose Hunt: 802-603hunter

    I'm with you on everything you said. My wife bought me a set of FirstLite stuff for bow/turkey and tracking. I love everything about them, they're amazing - but they don't last. I ripped mine in the first week of wearing them too. FirstLite offered to do some warranty work for me, but I know...
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    2021 Maine September Moose Hunt: 802-603hunter

    Congrats Trav, thats awesome. Does Maine allow you to send in a tooth? Were you using 180 Coreloks? How did those pants hold up with 70 miles of walking?
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    CVA Wolf Muzzle Loader

    Its a great option for the kids. When you hold it, you definitely know its a cheapie, but if you don't want to spend much, this is a great option. As for the rain and the snow, it worked great for me. Luckily, it has the tool-less breech plug, and handled pouring rain and wet snow well, or I...
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    New England Road Trip Hunt?

    Are you talking about snowmobiling or hunting?
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    Wool pants

    The Big Bills last really well. I bought my son a pair of the 18oz versions and he's put a ton of miles on them without any visible issues.
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    pine mt. wma

    Never hunted there before, but that area of VT has a pretty high deer density. In Groton, which is very close by, they get some big ones every year. I don't have any 1st hand experience there, but its probably one of the best overall areas in the state to hunt deer. (High deer population...
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    What's a shooter to you/Season goals?

    I like to fish for brook trout. In VT, a 10" brookie is a good one. I had a good friend (COVID got him last winter) that lived in Ohio and couldn't understand why I'd put so much effort into "catching bait". But it really doesn't have a lot to do with the fish itself, instead having more to...
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    VT moose permits and VT doe lottery

    Yeah, basically. Camp is on the farm my grandparents owned. My cousin owns that now. I bought the farm next to it.
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    VT moose permits and VT doe lottery

    No moose tags for our team, but I've permanently moved to unit K now, so I'm sure we'll all get loaded up with doe permits.
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    Hydro Glow lights.

    Wow, that is a TON of minnows. Is that in Glen? I think I'm finally going to get our new trolling adventure rig into the water this weekend. Probably St. C though.
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    New Lanny Benoit Interview

    And the world continues to shrink. This better not lead back to Kevin Bacon.... (Is that the guys name that everyone does the networking game with?)
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    New Lanny Benoit Interview

    One day someone said to me, "hey, I have a podcast you'd like. I think the guy is a Vermonter too." The first episode I listened to I realized you grew up right down the road from me (I'm in Poultney) and the guest on that podcast was my college roommate. (Jason Zimmer) Small world. I went...
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    My first Remington

    Shooting a .338 carbine? I hope your shoes are tied. I'm giggling a little just thinking about shooting it.
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    2021 Hunting Chat Youth Turkey Contest

    Thanks everyone - he's pretty excited.

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