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    Maine Camp 2019

    great report
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    Not a full Russell Report 2019

    Awesome buck, congrats !
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    Out of the ordinary

    Caribou Mt Lion w/hounds
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    One of our own is in "the show".

    Good video
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    saddle hunting

    Dont think there are too many of them on here. Getting popular in certain areas around here, just not my cup of tea. Did pick up a set of the wild edge rope steps earlier this year to use with my smaller hang on for a quick mobile setup.
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    Rodney Elmer and Crew.... Where have they been?

    Was wondering what happened to them. Like some of their videos, but sometimes they get long winded
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    Chinese Virus

    This crap is crazy down here
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    Illuminated optics for hunting

    Midway had two different VXR on sale not long ago and was going to order one of them. I usually always look at the spec's on any scope before ordering. It had listed "limited" in that section. When I called to find out info I was told would be "2 yr warranty and proof of purchase maybe...
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    Illuminated optics for hunting

    Just make sure you look at the warranty on those scopes, believe they are listed different for some models
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    Timberframe House Build

    Awesome house, congrats ! Thanks for taking the time to post this and take us through the process, great to read. Like that game pole !!
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    Browning BAR Carbine 308

    I prefer wood myself mostly because I like the regular style and most of the time I have to get the LOP built out for most guns.
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    Browning BAR Carbine 308

    How many times have you said that before !! :ROFLMAO:
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    Browning BAR Carbine 308

    If I get one It would be in 06, have enough in 308
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    Browning BAR Carbine 308

    LL Cote version below. Like the one you guys have, I wonder how yours would be with a Williams peep sight for guys that may not want a scope setup etc.
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    Browning BAR Carbine 308

    Ok thanks, I remember a year or two ago when we were up hunting LL Cote had a special run done in a BAR carbine which was also in 308 but with Mossy Oak finish. Liked it and almost bought one then.