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    2020 Maine Pounds & Points Contest

    I didnt enter mine because I thought there were others who shot bigger deer than mine. I know Parkers would have beat mine. Didnt know if he was in the contest or not. I also havent scored the antlers on mine.
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    Year end recap

    After getting four deer week one at camp our second week started out about as good as you could ask. My dad's cousin was up for his first trip this season on on his first morning out he got it done in about 45mins. He parked his truck and walked down a logging road about 50 yards. A deer blows...
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    Late Report (Nov)

    Nice report and pics.
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    Last year to this year antler growth. (pics)

    Nice bucks LB. Congrats to you and your son.
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    Unforgettable Hunt

    Great buck. Congrats. Did you ever try putting tape over the end of the barrel? Might help keep some water/snow out.
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    Ruger American Go Wild

    Mine is in 7-08. I had a ruger MKII compact in 308 before and that kicked pretty good so i decided to try the 7-08 in this lighter rifle. I have a leupold VX3 1-6 or whatever on it.
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    Ruger American Go Wild

    The Adirondack is worth the money. I love mine. The kimber montana is a good option for a little cheaper than the Adirondack.
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    Thanksgiving Buck 2020

    Great story, pictures and an awesome buck. Congrats.
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    Proud Dad-Daughter's First VT Buck

    Congrats to her.
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    Deercation has come to an end **VIDEO ADDED***

    Great buck and great hunt. Congrats.
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    NY State Buck

    Nice buck LB
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    Turkey Day Buck

    Congrats on the buck.
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    How do these guys do it?

    I was thinking the same thing.
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    .280 Barks Again

    Awesome buck. Congrats
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    Mass buck 2 down

    Cool looking buck. Congrats

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