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  • Hey Shawn, I just noticed that there you sent a message,

    Sorry I don't think I have gotten many. So the land is (just realized) actually in Wolcott but is off the Elmore Pond road. I had a nice day there yesterday as I mentioned. I really like the area. I'm hoping to at least to see deer up there. I have the whole week off for Muzzle loader season so I can't wait for that. Where is the closest place to get a bite to eat up there? Close to the Lake I mean.
    I saw your last post about going to Elmore..that is where i live and hunt...I got a nice 8 up on the SE part of Elmore Mt yesterday...lots of sign in the woods up there...have pics of a lot more bucks around...big woods but put in some time and you'll find them...where is the family land if you don't mind my asking? Shawn
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