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    Sarahs first Archery Deer.

    Great job guys! Congrats!
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    Doe Down and Broadhead Review

    Congrats LB. Giant hole in that deer. I'm only able to draw 52# this year so I switched from 100gr 2" Rage hypodermics to 125Gr Slick Trick ViperTricks and a 4 fletch setup. I've been very happy, the 2 deer I shot so far this year were both complete pass throughs having to dig the arrow out of...
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    Deer Hunting Firearm

    Those are muzzleloader rules. YOu cannot hunt deer with a centerfire rifle in Massachusetts
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    Camera's ...... what's everyone using? Do you like them, hate them, regrets?

    I never run video. I have run quite a few different ones but right now I have 3 Wild Game cams out that have taken good pics and are performing well. They were all $60-$80 cameras that I bought for the moose hunt last year.
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    OnX Map Updates. Wow!

    They can only be as accurate as the Town's GIS info
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    OnX Map Updates. Wow!

    As long as you use the same login info, everything will still be there.
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    Check your Garmin GPS

    Put the phone in airplane mode...GPS still works. YOu will get a full day out of your battery
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    Lake Ontario Salmon Fishing (Pics)

    Beautiful Steelhead and king!
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    NH Hunter 2020 Moose Hunt

    He's a beauty!!! Are you finding lots of sign?
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    early fall food plots?

    I would plant winter rye heavily in mid sept. You will get some good growth quickly
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    early fall food plots?

    Now is the time to plant fall food plots...something like winter greens, 7 card stud, or green patch plus or deer radishes. You can top dress it with winter wheat in mid and late september.
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    2020 Hunting Plans

    September will be CT archery, Mid-oct Mass or CT archery, Late Oct Montana mule deer, early Nov Mass archery, part of 3rd and 4th week Maine rifle, Then all of Dec is MA shotgun and MA Muzzleloader
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    Montana hunt

    This is mostly a New England based forum so you may not get a ton of responses. That being said, my buddy, my wife and myself are heading back to SE MT this fall for mulies
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    Thousand Islands N.Y. Fishing

    Looks like a great trip!!!

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