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    Ammo Shortage

    Correct. My friend owns a small timber harvesting operation. All these lumber prices have increased, but they are not receiving any more money from the logs that they deliver to the mills.
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    Fletching jig?

    Get a bitzenberger. Buy a straight and a helical clamp. You will be set for the rest of your life
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    The Shot

    I have no plans on getting vaccinated at this point in time. I've been eligible since the beginning. There are a lot of people who need or want this vaccine and getting an appointment locally is damn near impossible...let them fight over the available appointments. Don't get me wrong, I'm not...
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    Got my 2019 Nh 175# 9 pointer back!

    Looks great!! Congrats!
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    Trolling Rod's Reel's & Line

    Like the others have said, Early season you can troll right at or near the surface. Something as simple as a 1/4oz tungsten bullet weight above your swivel then a 8ft floro leader and you could troll any number of spoons or pump a streamer. A fly rod with sinking line or a couple colors of...
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    2021 moose lottery

    Lots of them listed on the Maine Moose Hunting FB page. Nothing but outfitter welfare and it is RIDICULOUS
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    Bull moose?

    without a straight face on pic it's tough to guess spread...doesn't matter, he's a first secoond shooter to me
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    Let's see some of the deer you got on cam during the 2020 season.

    A friend of mine had him walking in on opening day of shotgun...he rattled the fore end on his gun while picking it up, scared the hell out of the buck and it was out of our lives!!
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    Let's see some of the deer you got on cam during the 2020 season.

    Couple bucks from CT and MA. The big MA buck got shot during ML season. The CT 8pt got shot by my buddy's father CT
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    Hit the jackpot!

    Great Haul!! Congrats!!
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    Firearms permit are correct. Non residents cannot buy ammo or firearms in Mass without a non-resident LTC/FID. They are allowed to possess firearms and ammo while hunting with just a NR hunting license. As a Mass resident you are allowed to purchase a long guns (most of them at...
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    Motivation for Fall 2021

    boom flop!!!
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    Which Deer?

    YES LOL...ok the red one

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