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    Support for Josh's Boy Jase

    Thanks for giving us an update Josh. Jase is an incredible boy. I can't imagine what you guys have all gone through as a family. The pics from camp certainly bring a smile to my face!
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    Adaptive Moose Hunt

    Great write up and pics! Congrats to all you guys for getting it done!
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    Youth Day

    Great job to all the successful young hunters!! Way to go!
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    Opening day success

    Great buck!!! Congrats!!
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    Adaptive Moose Hunt

    Well I hope we get a story and pics to go along with this!!
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    Bullwinkle Bites the Dust

    Way to go guys! Congrats!
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    On the board for 2021!

    Great buck! Congrat!! Good thing your buddy behind the tree was facing away from the camera!
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    Adirondack Muzzle loader trip.

    Great report and pics! Congrats guys!
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    Little of this and that

    I was hoping for you guys! Looks like you made the best of a rough weather week and made some great memories along the way!
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    Archery buck - October 7, 2021

    Stud buck!!! Congrats!
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    Nice looking setup!. I have a Bergara B-14 HMR in 6.5creedmoor that is a tack driver. The fit and finish on these guns is very nice.
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    Lithium vs. Alkaline Lets hear your opinion.

    Lithiums work great in trail cams, gps etc. They will at least double my number of pics on a cam. Lithiums are a different animal...they go from full to dead...but that is the way they are made, they have full power or no power
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    2021 Maine September Moose Hunt: 802-603hunter

    Awesome pics and report!! You definitely got the most out of that hunt and a beautiful bull to go with it!! Congrats!!
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    First MA buck of the year

    Congrats!!! Can't wait for the rest of the state to open next week!!
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    Cheap target

    Add a couple more layers or hang some carpet or rubber mat in the back...your gonna trash those vanes pretty quick LOL

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