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    Lucky Friday the 13th

    Great buck Kevin!
  2. shawn_in_MA

    Annual Mass hunt with Dad

    Great buck for a fast hunt!
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    802-603hunter 2020 Vermont Buck

    Way to get it done! Now off to NH once the good weather hits!
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    How do these guys do it?

    Couldn't find any names that matched up with your list on The Maine Sportsman website but those are some incredible numbers!
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    Shooter Buck's 2020 week 1 report

    Holy hell! One hell of a first week! Congrats!
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    New to the group

    Welcome aboard! Stick around and post up!
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    First MA buck of the year

    Looks great! Congrats!
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    Murphy's Law!!

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    Browselines 2020 Maine hunt and deer

    Way to go Browse! Congrats! You always seem to get your Maine buck!
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    Parker650 2020 Buck

    Great buck! Congrats!! Welcome back
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    NH Buck Down

    Nice buck! Congrats!
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    Montana 2020

    We buy preference points for NR Deer Combo licenses...those sell out every year. We could probably draw with just 1 preference point but when we have 2 we are guaranteed to draw on the year we want to go. The bonus points in MT are for limited entry tag areas.
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    Montana 2020

    Yes. We have been building antelope and mule deer tags in WY and also bought elk point in WY this year. The mule deer and antelope will be DIY but the elk will most likely be guided but that's a ways off
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    That's a wrap for me.

    Way to go!
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    Out of State hunts...

    Your State's travel order is ridiculous IMO. County to county travel is allowed in the state even though most are above their ridiculously low 400 cases per 1 million residents. Just doesn't make any sense. None of the travel restrictions make any sense IMO.

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