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  • im out in western mass all the time, i will put some feelers out there i know if i ask around i can get some farms. i have 2 campgrounds up there and they have bear problems. and i know thee there is a huge orchard that has gone out of business. i will take a ride around it and check out the terrain.
    Use google earth as a scouting tool it works awsome. look for power lines with good south facing slopes with lots of rocks and ledges around. Black berries and ledges and rocks equals bears near by. good luck Florida Ma is a good area as well as Rowe and Charlemont, Coleraine.
    Hey Shawn, the best spots for bear are on power lines. You can see much farther and spot and stock on them. Do lots of glassing and hiking until you find where the bears are feeding. Then get a vantage point up wind as there noses are awsome then sit and wait. They don't wander far from the area they are feeding. Pre season scouting is the key. As the season progresses the habbits of the bears change and they start to feed on acorns and beach nuts wich are hard to pin point where they are going to feed.
    If you can find a section of power line that not many people can get to and is close to some other food sources you will be in good shape. I hunt vt on the mass border and hope to hunt mass also this year. I bagged a 194lber year before last and 293 last year. Good fun. Good luck any questions just send a message.
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