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  • Sorry man, I just saw this back from May!!! It never showed up until this evening or I didn't see it for some reason.

    I didn't get in there and due to the trails being so poor I hardly rode that cooridor. I did walk the Jackman Yard on Bigwood and they seemed to due alright, but it's so crowded that when the deer move from there they head to armstrong. When there is so much snow, I think they die before they get up there if they move late. I saw some deer off the Kelly Dam road that literally were up to their necks standing off the road waiting for us to go buy. I assume they must have died. It's a tough situation up there. I might not hunt Jackman for a few years and concentrate on Eastern Maine. You don't have the snow or the mountains, but there isn't anyone over there, the deer are as big, and have bigger racks for sure.
    Hi sc003ro,

    any chance I could get a load of bear bait this friday/saturday without being a hassle?

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