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  • My dad passed away last February, so those are for him. He was born in 1962 and passed in 2011.
    Hey - not sure I ever responded. My office is on St James Street. Hoping to be buy a house in the area this summer, probably between 95/495 somewhere. Just starting to look at towns.
    haha yessss !
    I worked on a deer ranch in Texas all summer. I got to bottle raise the babies!
    I have never archery hunted, I have shot a few muzzleloaders so that would probably be the way I would go. I love to pheasant hunt, but here in Arizona it is only done at hunt clubs with raised pheasants where you pay for the birds first and then they go and place them out in the fields. I am definately interested in both hunts, hopefully they will coincide with the football schedule. I will insist on paying for the privalege of hunting with you and the use of your firearms as I will be inconveinencing you during hunting season and I do not want to be a burden for someone. If there is anything you need from Arizona let me know and I would be glad to bring it with me when I come that way. As soon as I get the 2011 fall football schedule I will get back in contact with you. My regular e-mail is [email protected] should you need to contact me outside of this forum. I look forward to meeing you this fall as one can never have to many hunting friends. Sam D.
    hey my buddy seen a big buck cross out of wildlife tust propety by there gate on barker st the other night
    Rusty...can you do a scoring day on 2/8 at Keith's archery shop? Thinking of putting up a post inviting everybody up there for a day of archery, grilling, beer drinking, bullshitting, and deer scoring. Could you do that day?
    I will be headed up Sat afternoon as we both have to work in the AM. Will give a ring when up there. Jim, do you know a good place to buy cartons cheaper than at the mobil $50. I smoke Parliment Full Flavor Menthols and can be hard to find in some places.
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