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    Knives - Recommendations please!

    I have the same cord on my knife, it just wasn’t on it yet when I took the pictures. The reflective strip shows up great in the dark.
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    Knives - Recommendations please!

    I had these made for my daughters for Christmas a couple years ago. Made by a guy named Hardison in S Carolina I think. I added the orange cord with a reflective strip and I made antler beads with their initials.
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    Knives - Recommendations please!

    This is the best knife I’ve ever had, I’ve field dressed a half dozen deer and it’s still incredibly sharp. It’s from Rockwell Custom Knives. I like nice knives.
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    Moose hunt cost analysis

    It’s like anything else, you can do it on the cheap or you can spend like crazy. When my 2 daughters got drawn in 2010 it was pretty expensive. I rented 2 camps so that the rest of my family could be there. I think $800 each for the week. I had to buy 2 7mm-08’s because they didn’t have...
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    Hunting Chat's Vermont Big Buck Club

    My 2 best VT deer, both killed in zone K. 2018, 5th day of the season. 162 lbs, 8 pt. 2019, 2nd day of the season. 161 lbs, 8 pt
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    Hunting Chat's Vermont Big Buck Club

    I can get to 200 lbs if I can bundle a few together. 😃
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    Greetings from a newbie

    That’s a great buck! How’s your setter doing now?
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    Ranger Pete finally said Good-bye

    Aww, I’m sorry. Rest In Peace Ranger Pete. It’s never long enough, but 18’s a good run for a spaniel.
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    Spam, spam, spammy spam, spammmm

    How were her pictures?
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    Hernia Surgery

    It’s no wonder you have all those hernias after all the moose and deer you’ve had to lift!
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    Dog was what though?

    I thought cats generally went for the neck of their target? I’d lean toward a coyote. Not sure where it happened but there are still bears up and about in VT so I would guess there also are anywhere South of here. like everyone has said, it would be nice to know the size of the dog and where...
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    Let's See Your Moose Photos

    The story is long, this probably isn’t the thread for it. I drove Abby out to AZ this past summer and she’s in grad school out there, her luck has been just fine and she’s killed a bunch of deer since then. Sarah Is an RN but she’s going to school part time to be a nurse practitioner.
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    Let's See Your Moose Photos

    Vermont 2010, 576 lb cow, my daughter Sarah, she was 13. Vermont 2010, 744 lb bull, 45” I think, my daughter Abby, she was 15.
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    Woodman arms muzzleloader

    I’ve never shot one but I was in a gunshop a few weeks ago that had a couple. I thought I liked them from what I had seen online but I was less impressed when I looked one over. They are much cruder than I thought. Have you handled one?
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    Wool pant options

    I like that they offer camo, flannel lining and long inseams. The price is very reasonable, I may order a pair of those.