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  • I am still footing when ever I can. This past weekend was the 1st I did not go since early April. I have a dry suit so I will be doing this into November, but I will not miss the rut. I can't really hunt CT till early October and then MA. I should get out about the same as always. I am not as into it as normal. I like the water sports and still have meat in the freezer. The last few years have turned more into buddies of mine almost competing on who can get the most it seems like. I want to just take it easy and enjoy it.
    Hey Joe,

    Yeah Im still around! Super busy this summer/fall with our house addition. haven't been posting much either, pretty much same ol stuff right now. Im trying to get ready for the season! I don't think Im going to get to hunt much in VT this year which is killing me. Have a doe permit for ML season though. Too much going on at home. SHould still get out a lot in MA before work and such.

    How about you? Get the boat out of the water yet?
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