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    We're a dying breed.......

    The Coughlins are inexpensive. I buy them by the handfull when I come across them. Reny's usually has them for under $2 each. They're basically disposeable at that price.
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    We're a dying breed.......

    For those looking for dotted palm wool gloves this place has some options. They may have to be ordered in bulk though. glove
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    OK.... Rant time

    How to stick with it. I was on other side of the coin from your long and hard season. I tagged out the first morning I hunted. While happy to do so, I did feel like I was missing out on more days in the woods. You got the most bang for your buck.
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    Shooter Buck's 2019 Week 3 Recap

    Another great season.
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    Shooter Buck and Pine-Lock's 2019 week one

    We don't have to go to far to find plenty of cut ridges. Fortunately there are a few ridges close to our camp that have some mature trees. There have been tons of beach nuts and acorns on them this year which helped our deer sightings.
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    Cool Experience

    That's hard to beat. I hope your son helped on the drag out!
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    Colorado Elk hunt

    Hard to beat a successful DIY trip. Great hunt and write up.
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    mbVT 2019 NH Buck

    I'm cold just looking at that picture. Glad you got to warm up on the drag out. Congrats.
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    Shooter Buck and Pine-Lock's 2019 week one

    Thanks for putting this together. It was a great opening week.
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    Youth Weekend Report

    Awesome report. thanks for taking the time.
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    Deer tongue

    Any one ever try this and have it not come out like venison flavored gum? I've eaten plenty of deer hearts but tongue was new to me. I cut out and cooked up the tongue out of this years deer. Flavor was good but boy was it chewey. To cook I boiled it for 10-15 mins then I let it cool...
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    2017 Maine Meat Pole

    2017 175lb 8 point.
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    Zone 15 8 point

    Last Friday morning I headed out to a spot a few miles from camp with Shooterbuck and one other from our camp. The plan was for Shooter buck to start a mile to the west, our friend to start 2 miles east and for me to still hunt between the two of them before meeting in the middle for lunch...
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    Deer scouting and Grouse hunting

    A few years ago I had a mishap with a tree in our driveway at camp. It put a damper on that weekends hunting. It actually took out 2 trucks.