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    Blackhorn Switch

    I made the switch a couple years ago. I've been a fan. I also was shooting 777 pellets beforehand. I've never put the gun on a chronograph but from the feel and the sound and other anecdotal evidence 100 grains for blackhorn is faster and more powerful than the equivalent 2 pellets of 777.
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    Deer Hunting Firearm

    Centerfire rifles for deer are a no go in MA. Primitive firearms covers muzzle loaders. Including 209 fired break/hinge actions. (Break/hinge actions were not allowed until a few years back.) As well as the traditional cap lock and flint lock styles.
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    What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen while out hunting?

    I had something similar happen. My striker only spent 1 year in the woods though. It fell out of my vest when I was back at the truck.
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    Looking for a Lab puppy I've had some luck finding dogs on Uncle Henry's in the past. These look to be the only labs listed there right now.
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    Group Picture

    Great Picture! My group has been pretty good at getting pictures after successful hunts that include everyone that was in camp at the time in them. It can be a hassle to get everyone on board for picture time with all the post hunt excitement but no one has ever complained about looking...
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    Looking for a red dot with magnification if possible

    I agree it seems foolish to not offer the firedot duplex in the 1.5-4 version. There are still a fair amount of "new" original VXRs out there where you can get the firedot duplex reticle...
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    Turkey, Who's Hunting When?

    I had to change plans. Maine moved youth day up till Tomorrow and added Monday as a 2nd opportunity. I'll be out with my son and Shooterbuck.
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    Red Dot sight

    I'm a VXR fan as well. Leupold did stop producing them but has moved the firedot reticle to be available in other lines. The VXRs that are still available on the market are priced higher than the equivalent VX-Freedom with the illuminated reticle. I called Leupold and they confirmed...
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    Turkey, Who's Hunting When?

    I'll be out with my son on 5/2 for youth day in Maine. Then back the next week for a long weekend once the regular season opens up.
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    What's it like out there when you go for a walk?

    I abut powerlines and conservation and a reservoir that all have trails. It's busier with walkers, runners, dog walkers than I've ever seen. Weekends always used to attract people but now its busy every day. On the other hand my dogs are living the high life with people in the house...
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    Out of the ordinary

    Out of the ordinary, but not necessarily possible. Pandas with hounds. ;) or maybe a marsupial grand slam. Kangaroo, Koala, opossum and Tasmanian devil. ;)
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    Shot Placement

    I like red, but I've been known to take a neck shot if it's what's presented to me. Red, orange and yellow are all going to give you a dead deer in short order.
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    Binelli Nova & Scope

    B-Square was the brand. Similar to this one, although the one in the link wont fit a Nova.
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    Binelli Nova & Scope

    I had a saddle mount on a Nova for a while. It's a big heavy gun to begin with. The saddle mount just added to that. I found it very bulky. I'd recommend getting it drilled and tapped vs the saddle. oh, also it was a PITA to get the mount on and off. I think I had a B-Square mount.
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    Looking for a Store

    +1 to LL Cote. I was there over the weekend.

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