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    Buckhorn is for after you shoot your buck, Blackhorn is what you put in your rifle! 😃
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    Looks like a great truck. Good luck turning that thing around on a wood road. I have trouble with my crew cab F150 with the 6.5ft...
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    Update to this thread: I've posted in here quite a few times about my fried Jon that passed away almost 6 years ago now. Well..... Last...
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    I started with 100 by volume with a 240gr sabot. I'm currently shooting 90 grains and a 270 grain bullet. It seems to be a good combo...
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    I made the switch a couple years ago. I've been a fan. I also was shooting 777 pellets beforehand. I've never put the gun on a...
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    From the Mass Fisheries and wildlife website " Primitive fire arms: Shoulder-fired muzzleloaders .44 caliber to .775 caliber; barrel...
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    Centerfire rifles for deer are a no go in MA. Primitive firearms covers muzzle loaders. Including 209 fired break/hinge actions...
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    we all need to keep aware of this stuff and vote accordingly
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    Great June refreshment. Thanks for sharing, hope your clan has a successful 2020!

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