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    Rabbit Recipe?

    Anyone have any rabbit recipes? Whole rabbit, stews, or any other version are all welcome. Have some Snowshoe hare in the freezer still from March, looking for a new recipe to try.
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    Remington? Model 783

    Went with the Ruger American Predator in .308. Put a Vortex Crossfire II 3-9x50 with the Deadhold BDC Recticle on it. Ordered it through a shop. Got home and went to load it and it ammo was way to large. Drove back an hour today and they said Ruger put in the .223 mag instead of the .308 mag, so...
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    Roasted Rainbow Trout

    Been taking advantage of some Mass stocked ponds. Took my limit of 3 rainbow trout 2 days in a row. Roasted a couple whole, stuffed with lemon, garlic, sweet onion, and herbs.
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    Remington? Model 783

    Very interested in this rifle. Its a bargain rifle, so the stock scope and not the prettiest design will be fine for me. Seems like it might be a Cabelas/Gander Mtn. Exclusive, if anyone sees them at a local gun shop or anywhere else I'd like to compare prices. Anyone own or shoot one of these...
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    Looking for a Garmin Rino 655

    If anyone has one they are looking to part with let me know. Or if anyone sees any good deals online. Thanks
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    Next Season

    Its looking like I am going to be moving back to Eastern Mass after my last semester here in Springfield. Just really started to piece the puzzle together of the public land that Ive been hunting on the past couple years out here. The total area is a few thousand acres, which I like because...
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    Lost my girl today.

    Sorry to hear man. We lost our lab Bella to bone cancer in October. She was 8. We didn't know she was sick for more than 2 weeks before she was gone. Happened so quick. Not a hunting dog but loved to swim, go on the boat, and go on walks in the woods with us. Have not been home from school since...
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    What is your favorite method for the rut?

    I know it varies for archery and gun season for most, but what is your favorite method/set up for the rut? I'm talking hunting ridges, over scrapes/rubs, runs coming out of swamps,etc. What have you had the most success doing? I think it would be interesting to see the different ways everyone...
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    Doe and Fawn under me

    Had a doe and fawn come in and hang out directly under me for about 5 min then they circled around for another 15 min or so. Mother wasnt eating just licking knee height branches. Cool to see them that close. Heres a video I took.
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    Need some Topo help

    Here is the area. The bubbles are just blocking certain words. Arrows are where I have seen deer either in person or on cam or both. Definitely going to check out that book.
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    Need some Topo help

    I searched and read a few previous threads and watched some videos on the basics, but I am still not great at reading topo maps. I have a general idea of what to look for, and I have found some sign based off of them. There is an area of the property I am hunting that I just figured out deer are...
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    Same Buck?

    Heres the guy from the second video tearing up a nearby scrape a few minutes before the video.
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    Same Buck?