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    My Season...

    I've gotten a few PM's wondering how things are since I haven't been posting much. Thank you guys for thinking of me. We had a very nice Christmas even though the cash was tight, we managed to get the kids some nice things and we had each other which is all that counts in my book. I hope...
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    Oh Deer!

    Oh Deer! Hundreds Piled High on Private Property There is a video that has a 15 second ad at first... N.A.S.T.Y. :eek:
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    Killed Another Squirrel!!!

    God! I love it! :D Took the boy out today and sat in the woods since 7am and watched the sun come up! Seemed like just the birds up and at'em on this beautiful Saturday morning. A couple hours later I saw the unluckiest squirrel running through the leaves heading up a tree and I nailed...
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    Coyotes... What do I need to know?

    I have been hunting my neck of the woods for small game and have yet to see a coyote or hear one. <they are here though as confirmed by neighbors/sightings> The shear thought of seeing one scares the crap outta me while I'm out hunting squirrels on the ground, especially when I'm out by...
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    My First Squirrel

    Hey all! I'm new to hunting and since I'm a lady :D I figured I'd add my lil story that comes along with my first squirrel kill. <sorry guys, I ain't killed nothing since, not that I haven't tried> I got my license in Aug of this year and I was so very excited! <--- HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT...
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    Newbie Here!

    Good morning! Just wanted to drop in and say hi to all the hunters! :D I am a new hunter from Pennsylvania. I have had a wonderful time small game hunting for squirrels trying to pass the time in anticipation of rifle season to begin on the 30 of November in good ole Pennsylvania! I have...

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