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    Moose Lottery

    The alternate list is long due to the historic days of 500+ permits.
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    Gobbler Down

    Seems it’s always older birds which walk away like that. Excellent hunting tactics to secure that limb hanger!
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    2020 New Hampshire Meat Pole

    5/17/20 19.5 pounds 8.5” beard 9/16 spurs
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    2020 New Hampshire Meat Pole

    15.25 pounds 4.75’ beard .25 spurs Covid 19 meat shortage supplement bird.
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    Group Picture

    The picture is surely a display of amazing hunting talent.
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    7600 Jamming Issues

    Look into adjusting the sheet metal of the upper magazine which hold the ammunition down. The magazine likely has a high amount of curl in the top which holds the cartridge more tightly than needed. This is why some magazines work better than others. It is simply each magazine has a slightly...
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    What's your favorite meat?

    Moose, white tailed deer, beaver and gray squirrel.
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    Out of the ordinary

    A whale hunt with Alaskan natives followed by dall sheep then mountain goat. The whale hunt isn’t legal for European decent persons but a man can dream of feeding a village with one successful hunt.
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    Sports Cars?

    That is a very nice car and great combination of parts.
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    Sports Cars?

    At the age of 15 I acquired a 1980 Z28 and spent all my savings from the previous few years of summer work on supplies to fix the car up. My brother and I did the body work, engine replacement, and a family friend Sprayed the paint. I drove the car about two months the summer of 1991 and was...
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    Big New Hampshire Lake Trout(Pics)

    According to a article I read there is a youtube video of the fight/catching of this fish. I searched for it some the other night and turned up nothing.
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    NH Forest Society has been a critic of certain aspects of wildlife management in NH. A former Forest Society employee is in tight with a group attempting to shake the NHF&G commission up to include a wider array of NH citizens. The same group is after various forms of predator take methods and...
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    Big New Hampshire Lake Trout(Pics)

    There is a brief interview in this NHPR piece.
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    VT F&W 2020 Moose hunt proposal

    640 acres equates one square mile.
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    Dog was what though?

    Bobcat attacks on dogs are rare. Given the time of year the event occurred, and the orientation of the marks, I would suspect coyote over all other wild species.

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