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    2019 New Hampshire P&P Signups

    In. Edit: Wrong year! (y)
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    Bear claws

    Excellent job. Takes patience to achieve the results you created.
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    If you could only have ONE big game rifle?

    I’d go with the most beat up used rifle I could find at at a local shop. Caliber would not be an issue as I want a performer with proven character.
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    I remove everything listed. In my time spent at a deer check station I’ve learned it is rare to see the listed organs present. I’d say 2 out of 150 deer will have one of those organs present. It’s usually the liver when it does happen.
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    2019 Trap Line and Outdoor Pursuits

    No. This one the landowner used boulders a few feet in front of the culvert to trick the beavers into moving the dam. The beavers didn’t approve and continued corking the culvert.
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    2019 Trap Line and Outdoor Pursuits

    My part is to remove the beavers. Others have the job of handling the flooding problem. They tried a unique habitat manipulation to alter damming behavior. Upon failure they called me to remedy the issue. I checked the traps at 6 this morning to take advantage of the night temps and hard...
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    2019 Trap Line and Outdoor Pursuits

    The last few cold nights brought me enough ice to place a set this afternoon. The area is a problem location and I’m fortunate to have been able to work the area this winter.
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    Maine deer season part 2

    Thank you Browse! Great read and made my evening.
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    We're a dying breed.......

    Life as our independent selves is going to change more so over time. My suspicion is GPS technology killed those compasses. 5G is going to change our lives over the next 10 years significantly more than the technology changes we’ve seen over the previous 10.
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    OK.... Rant time

    Congratulations! A beautiful buck and bear makes for a great fall.
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    OK.... Rant time

    I had success during archery and haven’t seen a deer since. Every year is a new year to learn where and what deer are doing I should have pursued bears during earlier in October while I was benched.
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    2019 Trap Line and Outdoor Pursuits

    2019 is nearly over. Fur prices are down and plowing is up. I’ll set a few traps for fox and coyote then go after fisher come December. I may do a little under ice beaver trapping. Until then; here is my deer update. Two does and one spike have been taken by crossbow. I won’t be...
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    2019 New Hampshire Meat Pole

    Weight: 86 Doe Crossbow 10/5/19
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    2019 New Hampshire Meat Pole

    Spike Weight: 118 Crossbow 9/20/19
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    2019 New Hampshire Meat Pole

    97 pound doe Crossbow 9/17/19