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    O Ring

    Hey guys first off i wanted to say thanks for the tutorials on the o ring replacement wouldnt have done it if i did have them. So i did the oring on a 7600 06 . A 3/16” punch had no problem getting the tube unscrewed. getting the barrel of the bars was alittle difficult ( not wanting to...
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    Non scoped 7600

    What do you guys top your guns with if you don't have a scope on them
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    Breech plugs

    Do you guys pull your breech plugs and leave them out of the gun in the off season?I thought about doing it this year , I never have in the past but have heard stories of people have trouble removing them in the following season.
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    over under or on top?

    Picked up a new henry lever action 22 gonna top it with the Nikon for 22 debating to go on top or over under I don't like over under on my deer rifles but this is a little different
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    bear debate ch 6

    Anyone watch the debate last night? . I didn't like how they seemed to give hsus all the time to finish there points and seemed to cut us a little short when we were making ours.
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    question/ poll for bear hunters

    When you guys are hunting over baits do you primarily do evening sits or do you hunt mornings as well. Which have you had better luck with? We are running three sites this year and primarily do evening sits but I would like to do some mornings also. Just wondering what most people prefer?
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    Would any of you duck guys be willing to trade flies for feathers?I am looking for teal and woodies. Breast feathers mainly but would love the whole skin.Whatever I can get would be awesome. If you are interested pm me? I live in portland area but travel waterville to york regularly. Thanks Neil
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    Anyone trying it this early? Or trying it at all this season? I have never tried it and thought that the bucks that have been sparring might be interested in the noise? I have only witnessed one fight in my life in the maine woods in my time hunting. I have got to tell you it was the loudest...
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    back up?

    do any of you guys carry a side arm for back up while bow hunting?I started bear hunting this year and thought that I should have something else "just incase". I just got the taurus judge for that reason but also hoping to shoot a bird or two with it.Just wondering your thoughts?
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    new scope?

    Ive got a 30-06 7600 with a junk scope on it thinking of going leupold vxII or a nikon prostaff? I like my leupolds but was wondering what you guys thought of the nikons. Or you opinion on a good mate for the 7600? Thanks for your input.
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    found one

    Found one today, pretty sure it is the mate to the one I found last year in the same spot Here is the one from last year What do you think?

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