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    2020 Shed Season

    The current Maine record is from 2012. 221-0/8
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    Big New Hampshire Lake Trout(Pics)

    Yup, same group. They also had one in the mid 20s from the year before as well.
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    Fish Taxidermy?

    He'll do whatever you want him to. The problem I have with a scene like that is it's hard to make a fish look like it's dead on the ice, when the goal of a mount is to make something look alive.
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    Big New Hampshire Lake Trout(Pics)

    A local taxidermist just took it in for the mount. He has done all of that group's fish. They have slayed them over the past 2 years or so. 6 over 20lbs I think he said.
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    Big New Hampshire Lake Trout(Pics)

    It had 27" girth. A 10" hole has a 31.x circumference. I don't think those are scars.
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    Brown Trout & Taxidermy

    Nice fish! I want to add a brookie to my wall in the worst way... That bass has the "tail down" pose I was referring to in the other thread.
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    Fish Taxidermy?

    Great fish!! I am on countless taxidermy pages on social media in addition to all the fishing groups, and fish in general are very difficult and in my opinion, there are very very few taxidermists who can pull them off. Some have good paint jobs, but lack the anatomy (i.e. the old fashioned...
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    Your Heaviest Maine Buck.

    Same year my dad got his biggest. Thanksgiving day 1998, 10pt, 210lbs. Scored 154 7/8".
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    Russell Brothers Book

    Damn, was just about to post this. You beat me to it.
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    Maine Moose Lottery

    Saw a couple outfitters already auctioning their permits off on various Facebook sites.
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    Hunting Chat's Maine Big Buck Club

    Here is mine.
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    Your Heaviest Maine Buck.

    177, 6pt.
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    O Ring

    I think it will break in with time. You're just so used to no o-ring haha.
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    Big Adirondack Buck

    Doesn't look bad for 60 years like you said. I understand the sentimental thing. Would be worth trying to pretty it up yourself. On the other hand, it would also look awesome with a new cape!

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