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    Unused beagle pants 32x32

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    Hunting Chat's Maine Big Buck Club

    Here is mine.
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    Your Heaviest Maine Buck.

    177, 6pt.
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    O Ring

    I think it will break in with time. You're just so used to no o-ring haha.
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    Big Adirondack Buck

    Doesn't look bad for 60 years like you said. I understand the sentimental thing. Would be worth trying to pretty it up yourself. On the other hand, it would also look awesome with a new cape!
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    Russell Brothers Book

    There was not. Have you seen the other thread?
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    Big Adirondack Buck

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    Big Adirondack Buck

    That big would definitely be tough to find but if you talk to a taxidermist who you would like to do the work, they have sources of capes and often times have some of their own. The approximate measurements of the deer are more important than the overall weight, as bucks of different weights...
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    Timberframe House Build

    That is gorgeous. Well done!
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    Shouldn't be too hard on the deer in/around Jackman so far. Hopefully it stays this way.
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    Roadkill Fawn

    Thanks guys! Had it been smaller, I would have opted for a sleeping pose, but since it was older, I figured it would look more natural if it had it's head up looking.
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    Roadkill Fawn

    Picked this up from the taxidermist yesterday. I had picked it up in July 2018 on the side of the road, it was probably 30-40lbs. I knew I would kick myself if I didn't mount it as this is one of those rare opportunities, so here it is! I am pretty pleased with how it came out! How I came...
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    CVA Wolf Muzzle Loader

    If price point is the goal, then you can't go wrong. It's a great rifle, but does feel kind of cheap. Regardless though, it will be more than effective at doing the job. I had picked one up from Wally World a couple years back, they were on clearance. I had paid like $79 for the naked one...
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    Ended the season with a bang!

    Awesome buck! Congrats!
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    What would you do different?

    Suspenders are a Godsend for both pant and pack.