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    We hashed this out in another thread. Just look at Bishops in Jackman. They tagged the fewest deer in years.
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    Matched Set

    That will look nice on the wall. Good luck next season.
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    Shed Dog in training

    Nice looking pup. She looks like she is ready for a nap.
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    Late season snowshoes

    Looked like a great day in the woods.
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    Maine Lead Ammo Ban

    Catching up form Florida. I saw this on a SAM alert before I left Maine for some sun. I am concerned that this could pass and with no ammo to be had how are we to hunt the next season?
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    Found some more!

    Wow you hit the mother load. I know where I am hunting next year if you give me the coordinates. :)
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    A few small ones

    South facing slopes but there needs to be deer too.
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    7600 Makeover

    That is real purdy. Post a picture of that laying across a big buck!
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    Got my 2019 Nh 175# 9 pointer back!

    Your mount came out great. You will have those memories for years. Congratulations again.
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    A few small ones

    Some nice sheds here.
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    Kinda Fell into this one

    Nice score. Congratulations.....give you $250 for it and pay the shipping. :)
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    Browseline's 2020 NH deer season

    Excellent report. Is that a hunting camp or outhouse? :unsure:
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    Couple of sheds

    Nice. I bet he has the same configuration as this year but may be bigger? Post a picture if you get him this year.
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    Red and gray fox

    Nice. I assume you called them in with a fox pro?
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    2021 Big Turkey Contest

    I have had people stay but also just turn the heat down and go. I will shut off the water too for the main floor and upstairs. Dump some RV anti freeze in the toilets and sinks. Should not be a problem if we leave late this year.

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