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    2017 Season Rant (don't read if you don't like rants.. ha ha)

    Have had an awful year. Not a lot of hunting because I'm redoing my kitchen but have gotten out a few times. Mostly short hunts which yield everything from no deer sightings to 1 full day with many miles on the boots with no activity. However, the other day I was just starting out at first...
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    Mossberg 500 Slug Gun Ammo?

    My brother has a 12 gauge mossberg 500 with a slug barrel and wants to sight it in. I'm going to take him to the range this weekend. Any recommended rounds on a budget for a good 50-75 yard shot? Please don't say accutips either. ha ha.
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    Ethics Test Today - New Scope Multiplication Problems...

    Ordered a new Leupold VX-2 scope this week and received 2 in the mail today. My first thought was... well I do have 2 eyes. :) One is going back but for a second thought that someone in their shipping department was trying to be nice to me. Anyways, skoal to all my HC friends. Season is...
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    EBH outfitters?

    Has anyone hunted with them? They are apparently up near the CA border in NY. Not sure what the trrrain or deer are like though. Feedback? I am looking for something out of state and will go as far as Ohio but would like someplace that has a higher chance of scoring a big deer than most of...
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    1-4 scopes on a muzzleloader?

    Considering getting one. Currently have a 2-7x32 leupold but might move that to my shotgun and put a 1-4 on my muzzy. Thoughts from those that use them?
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    Deer season is over for me

    Will say this, I saw more deer during my last 3 hour hunt today than I saw all season. I think the snow has sent them hunting for food and was clear where they were ripping up the leaves for acorns. Spot a, b, and c are all within a 200 yard area. Spot a or c would have been 5-10 yard shots at...
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    Deer decoys?

    What's everyone's thoughts on using the folding or other decoys? Reviews for the folding Montana decoys seems mixed.
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    Having a cold during the rut

    Took yesterday off to go out for an all day sit but battling a bad cold only did the afternoon. I found a newish scrape that is a solid 4 ft wide and had to spend some quality time near there. With this cold and cool windy weather, my cold seemed to get worst and should not have not gone out...
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    Remington Acutip Sabots On Sale

    I know these are hard to get most of the year so when I saw them on sale with free shipping, I bought a 1/2 dozen and wanted to share the info.
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    Home chores interfere with deer hunting or does deer hunting interfere with chores?

    My wife and I have been having this conversation a lot lately. I told her I would check with some experts on the subject. ha ha.
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    Had something weird happen last night

    Was in a tree stand last night in a funnel. I used the grunt tube on and off for a bit then heard a deer come in nearby. Unsure if it was just a noisy squirrell, I waited and then heard some vey light sparing along with movement. Guessing I genuinely called in two bucks to fight?
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    Blaze vs Blaze Horizon?

    I lost a lot of weight and need a new hunting jacket. My old one is so oversize I feel like I'm wearing a sleeping bag. For safety, the blaze is obviously better but takes some of the camo ability away. but with a camo backpack on and sleeves in camo, I think that is reduced a bit. Camo coat...
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    Tikka T3 Lite Vs T3X Lite?

    OK, I traded in my savage 11 in 308 last winter for a savage 220. The 220 is silly accurate out to 150 yards. I have not tried beyond that. Will be what I hunt with this year and cannot imagine ever needing anything more for NH hunting. However, I have been wanting a rifle again. Don't think I...
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    It's Dangerous Out There - Be Careful

    Yup, the ticks are out. Just pulled my first one of the season off. Had to dig em out too. I have checked myself after every trip too except for yesterday. This afternoon I feel an itch on my back and I was feeding a vampire. I swear, instead of a tick bite, I would rather be charged by a bear...
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    How long will the chasing last?

    Sure have been seeing a lot of nothing lately but curious to know how long chasing is supposed to last?