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    2020 Turkey Meat Pole

    22lbs, 9 1/4” beard, 7/8” spurs = 58
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    2020 Big Turkey Contest

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    WMU K Buck

    Another Temple beauty!!! Congrats!!
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    Blizzard Buck Down

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    Do you use game cart to haul your deer?

    I don't know.... I have a new cart in my truck for the past 2 months!! I never need it, cause I haven't got one this year!!
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    mbVT 2019 NH Buck

    Great story!! Congrats to both of you!!
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    Target buck spotted

    I have a buck spotted, he's been in the same spot for a month. Time to get serious.
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    .30-30 Bullet Choice Question

    FYI, I got these for my Browning BAR. 180 grain
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    .30-30 Bullet Choice Question

    After doing some research on the same topic, you'll need the barrel's twist rate. The twist rate will tell you the "suggested" grain bullet for that rate. for example:
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    What do we do now?? I know.... Woodchucks!!

    leaving work yesterday!! 3 of them.... little B_____ds!!
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    Doubled with my nephew today

    Went out with my "very busy" nephew and had 4 jakes come in. We decided to take 2.
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    2019 New Hampshire Meat Pole

    14lbs(?) 10 1/4” beard, 3/4” spurs
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    NH youth weekend

    My daughter, Taylor ended her youth hunting this past Saturday am, 6:55. She has been hunting since 8 years old, taking 5 birds total. Her days of being spoiled are over. 22lbs, 9.5" beard, 1" spurs.
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    Last minute shotgun hunt

    I went out with my daughter and nephew to try one last time, being Sunday at 2pm. The wind sucked!!! We drove around through all the spots I know.... nothing. Then, we spot a flock of 5-6 birds, all toms, fighting!!! We put the move on them setting up in the woods. After 20 minutes, I'm looking...
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    First ever Youth Deer Camp at the Shamp

    Since my daughter was 8 years old, we've been hunting together. Priceless. Now, 15 years old and bowhunting.

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